Wednesday, September 30, 2009

doobey, doobey doo....

The baby bonanza has hit the big time in Coastal Town, GA. My good friend, KW, had her sweet precious Gabby last Wednesday and I am in love. She's absolutely perfect. Our friend, KP, the Marine, and the husbands went to see her last Wednesday night. Both Mom and daughter were doing excellent. Gabby's temperature had gotten a little low so the docs wanted her to be in constant contact with KW, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have set her down even if the docs said she could!! It's amazing how much one little one can change your life in one minute. I can't wait for my turn!

Since the Marine is still in town, we got the old "crew" together for some Mexican food. Not quite as rambunctious as it once was (I guess we really are growing up!), but I sure do love getting together with everyone. Always a blast.

KP & the Marine

the boys

KW & I with the boys

And don't worry. The younger boys did it like old times when they pounded beers and played Rock Band til four in the morning. Seriously... do these kids work?!?

Kidding. But I was totally pissed I couldn't join in the fun. Jobs stink.

The Marine and I also trucked it out to our hometown for a football game last Friday. I do not remember high schoolers acting the way the way they do now when I was in school. I swear we were more grown up.

But we didn't look like some of the girls now. What is in these kids food?!

He was super thrilled to be at the game.

Seriously, he was.

I got to go visit KW and Miss Gabby this past Tuesday. Oh. My. Soul. She's gorgeous!

Such a good baby...

Currently the hubs and the boys are building a storage unit in our backyard, so my house has become a frat house of sorts. I literally had to climb over bodies to make my way to work this morning. And the storage unit.. oh the storage unit. Have you ever noticed that even the smallest of projects turns into something humongous when you get a group of guys together?! I thought I was getting a storage unit. I was so wrong. In my backyard is a mini Taj Mahal. No joke. I'll show you pictures.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm trying to get back in the blogging swing of things. Let's see how this works =)


Brown Girl said...

Ha ha, he does not look thrilled. At all. Ha! What a sweet little precious baby...I can't get preggo by saying that...right? Right! ;)

Job do suck. Boo!

MissJody said...

Ha! He does look very happy to be there! Your all smiles...I bet you smacked him after you looked at the pic, huh?
The baby is so precious :)


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