Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So What Wednesday
So what if I'm joining up with Shannon today just to hopefully kick start this 'ol blog here a bit. Whatever it takes to dust off ye 'ol cobwebs.

What else... hmmm... let's say so what:

..there are big things happening here. Really big. And I could totally share them but I haven't yet because I know when I start saying it out loud, it will really mean things are happening. Big things. Which are good, but, still changes. And we all know I do not like change.

..if all that probably made it sound like there's a baby announcement on the way. There's not. Nor is there one anywhere in the foreseeable future.

..if that above statement fills me with contentment and also an inner ache at the same time. Let's not dissect that one today. K?

..if I realize that I am so far behind on organizing pictures, blog posts, etc., but every time I sit down to the computer to tackle it, I get overwhelmed and walk away. Tomorrow is another day right?

..if I'm starting to sort of kind of absolutely love age 3. It's hard, don't get me wrong, but BG hit so much of the independent, feisty, sassy, talking back stage at 2, that by 3, we've kind of got things figured out. Now her attitude? still fierce as a snake when it rears it's pretty little head, but those times are rare. And overshadowed by the awesomeness that is her right now.

..if I so realize she's probably going to be a holy freaking terror tomorrow because I just wrote that. Karma.

..if I am in the bed at 9:00 an night and have been since 8. I have been on the road constantly for three days. This girl is done son.

..if I'm ridiculously glad it's Wednesday. Bring on the weekend folks. I need it.


In This Wonderful Life said...

I'm so excited to hear the big news, I can hardly stand the wait!!!

The Macons said...

You CANNOT keep posting the big new stuff without telling!!! Gah! And yes, everyone in the world totally thought it was baby news until line 2... Dang!

Rachel said...

I am so happy about these big changes!!!


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