Monday, July 8, 2013

our fourth

In the grand scheme of things, our Fourth of July kind of rocked.

We thought about driving into the city for fireworks and such but ex-nayed that as crowds and toddlers don't usually mix. Mr. P wanted to stick close to home and avoid that whole cluster so we decided to just grill out at the lake with the bff and her kids and let the kids swim before cleaning up and watching the fireworks here in town. Perfect plan.
We spent the morning unpacking (it will NEVER be done) and cleaning while BG played. After naps for the two kiddos of the house (never the Mom), we packed up and headed over to J's to swim for a bit.

The kids had a BLAST. There was the bickering which always occurs when you put two girls together (BG will probably stay an only child, because oh my stars the bickering), but overall, they had a blast.

As has been the norm this entire summer, the fun was rained out all too quickly and we literally had to grab everything and sprint as the clouds all too soon opened up and the daily downpour commenced.

*SIDENOTE: what is UP with the weather this year? Wettest summer ever.*

Once it cleared up again, we packed up the goods for lunch and headed down to the lake where J and I quickly found a spot to lay while the kids played and Mr. P grilled. Should have been perfection.
And it was. But we're Moms and all too soon the kids were over letting us do nothing and were throwing things in the lake and talking our ears off. We wouldn't trade them for the world though. ;)

After lunch, we let them play down at the lake for a bit before we hustled everyone back to the house for showers before getting ready to see the fireworks.

Only it poured again. So laying at the pool watching the show didn't happen. Because they canceled it. Boo.

We trekked down to the lake again where we found a couple of guys setting off fireworks of their own. We found a bench and curled up together and watched as they attempted a show of some sort that really was not going well. The kids were losing interest about five minutes in when the guys messed up and shot the fireworks backwards; directly at us.
Obviously we're okay but it was kind of scary and my poor child is now completely TERRIFIED of fireworks and has told us every night since that she's good on fireworks and is okay if they never go off again.


But all in all? a day spent with friends and family, good food and cold drinks? Total win. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday as well.

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the workaholic momma said...

oh man...bummer on the backwards shooting fireworks:(...i think i would be terrified too!!! Glad you guys were able to have a good 4th despite all that!!


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