Thursday, November 7, 2013


Months ago, BG decided that she wanted to be a Mexican jumping bean for Christmas.

I was kind of excited. I mean, how cool. Plus totally original. I loved it.

I set to work finding brown material to make her "bean" and found a sombrero for her to wear. It was going to be EPIC.

Then we went shopping with my aunt and my girl walked by Pottery Barn Kids and suddenly, she HAD to be the purple fairy princess she saw hanging in the window.


I thought for sure she would forget about it but as Halloween got closer and closer, it was clear that wasn't going to happen.

Mr. P and I really didn't want to pay the (ridiculously overpriced) price of the PBK costume so she and I ended up at Target one night to try and sway her decision. While there, I got a text from Mr. P saying "just go get the purple one. She'll be the cutest fairy princess ever". Wrapped he is.

But she found a Tinkerbell costume at Target that she liked so we got it. But she wasn't that excited about it.

Long story short; we are pushovers. And BG ended up with two costumes for Halloween. But her smile when we picked out the purple fairy costume (in two sizes too big mind you, last minute sucks), was totally worth it. Mr. P was right; she was the cutest fairy princess I ever did see.

Once she was all dolled up, we headed downtown to our local business trick-or-treat. It was packed out. There were tons of "characters" walking around, which BG is terrified of, and tons of businesses doling out all kinds of fun stuff. We did manage to get her to take a picture with a Ghostbuster. That was all she was having.

We did about half of the walk through and then headed back to our neighborhood. We walked around for a bit, checked out a local haunted house (which only I went through with a bunch of high school girls; holy hilarious), and then headed on home about eight when it was clear a certain toddler was Halloween'd out.

It was a really, really good time. We may be about ninety bucks poorer, but the fairy princess was worth it.


Mrs. Pedersen said...

She look so adorable in her costume!! :)

Jen Watts said...

Darn right it was worth it. Adorable. I really wanted Hank and Carsyn to be Linus and Lucy for Halloween but Carsyn was determined to be a witch. Oh well. Our daughters are opinionated. At least they're cute.

MommyMandy Musings said...

SO cute....those pictures are worth every penny. Plus side to it being too big? Maybe she'll wear it next year for you!


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