Thursday, May 22, 2014

k3 promotion.

There are certain times where I'm reminded that I am in fact someone's parent.

I mean, I always know but there are events where it just hits me in the face.

Like Tuesday night. BG had her promotion ceremony at school. She had been talking about it for weeks. How she was getting on a stage and was going to get "permoted!" up to k4. She was stoked that afternoon when I picked her up from school to go home and get ready. She wanted to wear a pretty dress (and was very disappointed at the school's request of shorts and a blue shirt) and even wanted me to put a bow in her hair (which is NEVER the case anymore!). She was so, so excited.

So I got there and quickly claimed a few seats for our group after dropping BG off with her class. I started thumbing through the program and quickly noticed her name next to the opening song. Hmmm... now that's new. She hadn't said anything about that.

Sure enough, the introductions were made, the class was led out and my girl walked to the front of the stage to the microphone. And there in front of her entire class and a church full of their families, she sang her first little solo....

And then I died.

Ok I didn't. But I could have.

She did so good!!! And I'm totally "that Mom" right now but I. DON'T. CARE. Because y'all.

She did SO GOOD!!!

I still can't get in front of large crowds (without liquid courage) without shaking and pitting out but she did it. And that face after?! I mean, seriously. She knew she did good. I'm so freaking proud of that kid.

I've watched the video no less than one hundred times. No shame.

The rest of the ceremony was just as adorable. The kids sang, showed off what skills they learned throughout the year, and did a few skits. It was definitely in the top ten of cutest moments ever.

At the end, the teachers said a few words about each kiddo and their personality. They gave out awards based on their personalities such as "most likely to be a...". When it came time for E's, I was a little nervous (no lie) since she tends to be one of the most outspoken, sometimes getsintroublealot children. But they didn't focus on that at all (as they shouldn't because she is so much more than her sometimes poor lack of self control!!) and they nailed who she is.
My tiny dancer. Good grief I love her.

So another school year in the books. How on Earth is this going so fast?!??

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Rachel said...

What a sweet video! Cannot believe how big she is!


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