Wednesday, September 3, 2014

she makes me smile.

This kid.


Weekends with just my girl are disappearing with a quickness. I realize this. And while I know life post baby will be amazing, I can't help but be sad that our weekends with just our sweet girl will soon be a thing of the past. So until that comes, we will live them up. Big time.
Friday night I invited her to a "sleepover" in my room. Dada was working late so it was just us girls. You would have thought I just gave her a million dollars. Her eyes lit up and she flew upstairs. In minutes, she was back downstairs with her nightgown and her overnight bag which she had packed with her stuffed animals and a few books. Y'all, she was SO excited. So we grabbed my laptop, picked a movie, and hit the hay.

E promptly declared that we were going to "stay up all night and watch 18 movies, because that's what you do at sleepovers!", and we settled into a ton of pillows for a movie night. She lasted one movie. Good grief I do love that little nugget.

Dada moved her when he got home to her room. She was not impressed the next morning that he interrupted our sleepover. Not impressed at all.

We spent the next day lazying around. We tried on clothes (she demanded a picture of her in her Christmas jams with Flash and Max), played with markers (she colors body parts, I color paper, whatever), went and walked Ms. Jamie's dog (E is beyond helpful at this age), and just basically hung out. I LOVE this age. She's such fun.
On the last day of summer, we decided to use our pool membership that we've had all summer and haven't touched. No words on our slackness. So off to the pool we went. And I am so glad.

Years from now on I won't remember how huge I felt. I won't remember that I was sweaty as all get out. I won't remember that getting in and out of that lounge chair almost killed me.

What I will remember is her smile. Her glee at the splash pad. Her joy over sharing a poolside hot dog with her Mama. Her giggles and squeals as I chased her in the shallow end (yes holy cow I got in). Her skinny little arms wrapped around my neck as we bobbed along in the adult pool. We couldn't have ended the day, the summer, on a higher note. It was perfection.

A day spent in the pool with her buddies, lots of play time with my best girl and adult time with my best friend, and a quick stop for Chick-fil-a lemonades on the way home and the day was done. Summer 2014 was over. And it couldn't have ended on a higher note. I kind of can't believe that we just ended our last summer with just E. Holy cow how the times are fixing to change. I am beyond thankful for this incredible weekend with my favorite girl.

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