Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Somehow I blinked and my girl turned three.

It was that fast. Seriously.

I've done the monthly updates and I've updated y'all on BG as she's aged, but I don't even think there are words I can say that can even remotely describe my kid.

But I am going to try. ;)

Baby Girl, you are three. And you are far and away the coolest kid, heck, one of the coolest people I've ever been lucky enough to be around. You do not meet a stranger. Though you may have a shy moment, it takes you no time to warm up to people and to start talking their heads off. And talk you do. A lot. Your vocabulary meets and exceeds any expectation one could have for a three year old. You wake up talking and you go to bed talking. There is no breather at all during the day. You've even taking to talking in your sleep. You are a talker. That is for sure.
You have the biggest heart. You love people and you love animals. You do not like to see anyone get hurt. A few weeks ago a girl fell off the swings at the park while we were out there and left very upset. It bothered you the rest of the day that she got hurt and you asked over and over if we thought she felt better yet. You just feel for people. It is one of the things I love most about you. I hope that sticks with you. I hope you never stop loving others and wanting the best for those around you. It's an admirable trait sweet girl and one so many these days are lacking.

You are not a big toy person. You prefer to be around people and talking and laughing and playing with them than sitting with a toy any day of the week. You do love books though. If you ever disappear to your room for a bit, we can bet we'll find you on your floor surrounded by a stack of books. I was just like that. I love seeing that love of reading passed down to you. You are starting to dig puzzles and you enjoy doing them, though you still prefer to do them with us and not on your own. Like I've said, you are a people person. Not a loner at all.

Your favorite people are your family. You LOVE your family. A close second is still Miss Brittany followed closely by Zoie and Miss Stacy and your buddy Livingston and her parents (you ask about these people daily). You are starting to really enjoy your school (just in time to move to a new one) and are a favorite among all of your teachers. What can I say? People love them some Baby Girl.
You are such a sweet kid. I actually wish there was a way to pause time because I cannot get enough of the kisses, hugs, nose kisses, and "Mommy can I sit in your lap"s that I get on a daily basis. You are just so loving. And your Dad and I absolutely eat it up. You're quickly learning the way to getting whatever you want with the two of us.

But to balance out all that sweetness, you have a stubborn streak a mile wide. You are hands down the sassiest child I have ever been around. You wear us out daily. You are always quick with a retort and I have yet to find a situation that you didn't have something to smart about. And if we're wrong? you are more than quick to inform us of the fact. Your pediatrician even remarked "that's a spirited one right there" about you after first meeting you and you were even on your best behavior then. I can only hope that your quick wit, your sarcasm, and your stubbornness will find a cozy niche in your life. Hopefully it's small niche.
You still have the loudest laugh and an infectious joy. It only increases daily. You still like to bust into dance moves at any given minute and the "Get It Girl Get It" and "Shake Your Booty" songs your father and I randomly burst out singing are always guaranteed to bring out some hip shaking. You still prefer your music loud and your singing even louder. We've found a few dance classes we are going to sign you up for and I cannot wait to see how much you love those.

You still have a love for Dora that knows no bounds but you're venturing out more and more. We found this random show on Netflix, Pingu, that you can't get enough of. Disney movies are finally making it into the rotation but your attention span is still only about 30 minutes on a good day. You much prefer outdoor activities to anything inside. You do love to draw though and your easel from Aunt Kiki and Uncle M is still a big time favorite in this house.
You and the cat are finally finding a way to coexist though I'm pretty sure you still love him far more than he'll ever love you. That's okay though, he's a cat. You'll learn his opinion doesn't matter. Lacy and Cash are still your favorites along with Sammy (the grandparents' cat).

Your Dad and I just plain adore you. While three is not easy, I have to say this age is quickly finding it's way into my "favorite ever" category. You and I have developed this relationship that I just plain can't get enough of. We laugh so much, talk so much, and play so hard that I find my moments with you to just be full. They leave my happy tank full and leave me wanting many, many more of them. I love our little secrets and our music filled car rides and, well, just about everything with you. You are my favorite little person.
Words will never be able to describe you sweet girl. Your personality is too big for this page and words cannot even begin to do you justice. Also, words cannot even begin to describe what you've done to me and your Daddy. You turned our worlds upside down three years ago child. You sent us on a ride we had no way to prepare for and we cannot get enough. You are our entire heart and soul sweetheart. We love you more than the world. Always.


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

She is such a sweet girl. And I cannot believe she's 3. But you can just tell how sweet and spirited she is and how much y'all just adore her. I'm excited to see what the next year brings for Miss E! :) xoxo

SEL said...

What a beautiful post! BG is absolutely adorable and the pictures of her are gorgeous.

It sounds like M and BG are so similar! Reading books on their own, not ever meeting a stranger, the music and dancing to Dora to the extensive vocabulary and chatting away in their sleep.

We're lucky. And we know this.

Happiest (belated) Birthday to sweet BG. Here's to three because just as wonderful as she is!

Mommy Mandy said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I cannot believe she is three!! And Emmy loves Pingu as well!! Weird swedish penguin

Samma said...

Happy birthday to that sweet girl! Three!!!!

Jen Watts said...

I love everything about this and everything about her. Swear, our littles are so much alike. As always, you have such a way of words..You wrote such sweet things from your heart. Ella will adore you even more when she reads what you've written one day.

Angie said...

Ahhhh! She's adorable! Happy Belated birthday!

In This Wonderful Life said...

I hate being behind on blog reading because I love opening up posts like this!

I can't BELIEVE how time has gone. It seriously blows my mind. You've been blessed with one of the sweetest, prettiest dumplings! I have my fingers crossed to meet you guys one day!

Lucy Marie said...

I am super de duper behind on blog reading so I apologize... but happiest happy birthday to sweet BG. Weren't these precious babies just new yesterday? She is so beautiful.


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