Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(almost) wordless wednesday

After a morning of Easter activities, we managed to squeeze in a bit of down time lounging around the house and watching the girls play. No lie, it makes my heart do all sorts of crazy things to see two sweet girls playing together in my house. Hmmmm.....
BG was telling AK she was going to take her head off and cook it in the oven. Sometimes I worry about her. She didn't realize we heard her at first, but when we acknowledged what she said, she thought it was hysterical and kept it going. AK didn't find it quite as funny...
I adore these girls. So, so much.

1 comment:

SEL said...

Love the clarity of the pics!! Amazing!

BG makes me laugh. :)

And I love the vintage-y look of the kitchen. Too cute!


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