Wednesday, May 15, 2013

s & k get hitched part 2: getting ready

Kiki and I had to get up far too early (especially after the previous night's shenanigans..) to help her Mom set up the venue for the big day. Or course we got out there to find that none of the vendors were on time so we set up as much as we could before leaving detailed instructions of what needed to be done when we went back to get ready.

K had set it up that both the lady doing our hair and the lady doing our makeup were coming to the pool house to meet us. So we laid out a spread of snacks and mimosas and set up for a big 'ol girls day.

We tried so hard to get the little ones to pass out and take a nap, but they were NOT having it. They wanted to be right in the thick of things; getting their nails did and hair curled. No lie, it was actually kind of sweet and I know it made their days being included with the "big girls".

Getting dressed at the house had a few other perks as well. K's grandma was able to meet us there and was able to help K get dressed which I know meant a lot to the two of them as well as K's Mom.

Eventually it was time to get ready, well after a million more pictures because, well, duh.

Then it was time to get dressed... and K was absolutely stunning.

Finally it was time to head over to the venue. So we packed all the girls up and headed on over....

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