Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa Visit: 2013

Yes. This is late. Moving on.

In November, Mr. P, BG, and I picked an afternoon before Thanksgiving to do a little Christmas shopping. The mall wasn't very busy because it wasn't even Thanksgiving so we ambled on down to the center of the mall. We popped into a Hallmark store where the little and I made a quick exit after she bull in a china shopped it a bit too much.

While we were hanging around outside the shop waiting on Mr. P, BG quickly locked eyes on Santa's Village. I figured he wasn't even there yet so the three of us walked over there.

He was there. And Baby Girl's eyes lit up immediately.

She wanted her picture taken. Bad. She kept talking about how she wanted to talk to him and was so dang excited.

She wasn't dressed for it. In typical Megan style, I had the perfect dress for the occasion already hanging in her closet. But she was so excited.

So we headed on over. And BG loved it. She rattled off that she wanted "three polar bears and three lions" and then sat up there gabbing his ear off. Being as how we were super early, he had the time to chit chat with her a bit and she loved it.

Of course I bought the pictures with the disclaimer to my husband that we would be back in her dress and would be buying more. But he already knew that.

Last Christmas BG saw Santa sick as a dog and we never made it back for her to have a visit she enjoyed. This year? I vowed not to let my lack of preparations dampen her joy. So I didn't. And I'm so glad I didn't. I mean look at this picture. Pure joy.

Santa picture win.

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