Monday, February 17, 2014

because she's funny.

Saturday morning I drove down to attend the baby shower of one of my best friends, leaving Mr. P and the little to fend for themselves.

They managed to get up and get to ballet on time and since the morning was running so smooth, he figured he'd take her out for a quick lunch. So they're in the car driving and he tells her that they're going to grab lunch.

"Where?" she asked (girl knows her restaurants. We eat out way too much).

"How about Zaxby's?" always Mr. P's choice.

"I don't want Zaxby's Dada!! I want a sandwich from the sandwich shop!!" the little whined back.

So Mr. P proceeds to get on to her about whining and asks her if she'd like to rephrase her comment and try again.

Without a moments hesitation she fired back, "Zaxby's is closed".

They still went to Zaxby's. I couldn't stop laughing. Give us strength.

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