Wednesday, August 6, 2014

24 weeks

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I don't wanna...

Sleep? Yea about that. This pregnancy insomnia thing is for the birds. I am flat out exhausted most of the time but when it comes time to sleep? yea, it doesn't happen. I can't even roll over without pain. It's a nightmare. And just when I get comfortable, I have to pee. So yea.

Best Moment of the Week: his movement. It's so awesome.

Movement- all the time. And he is so low. I'm afraid this one may just fall out. And my poor bladder will probably be bruised for all eternity after the beating it is taking from this guy.

Food Craving- lemonade and ice water. still.

Food aversions- no real aversions, but not much sounds really good.

Gender- a sweet, baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs- nada

Belly Button- pretty shallow but I don't think it's going anywhere.

What I miss- I am having the worst pain in my pelvic area. If this is round ligament pain, then I didn't know what was happening with E. This junk is for the birds. Every time I get up, every time I roll over... pain. I have yet to find relief for it. Fun.

What I'm looking forward to- Decorating his room. As soon as we get into the new house, it is on!

Big Sister Status- she's been telling everyone the baby's name. Problem? he doesn't have one. Her teachers legit thought he did though. She's pretty emphatic about it. If only her parents could get that passionate about a name...
**photobomb.. this guy.... **

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Heather Wilson said...

Looking good! Keep growing little man! Whatever your name is, LOL. Names are so hard.


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