Monday, October 26, 2009

16 weeks.

How Far Along? 16 weeks.. yay 4 months!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? up 3, still not back to my starting weight thank you first trimester.

Maternity Clothes: nope! I'm putting up a good fight! The bella band is my friend though!

Sleep? all the time please. When does my 2nd trimester energy show back up?!

Best Moment of the Week? Looking forward to my appt. on Tuesday to hear the sweet heartbeat again

Movement- not yet

Food Craving- anything salty

Food aversions- meat is still freaking me out.

Morning sickness?- none since week 13. Praise! I have been getting nauseous from these newly acquired migraines though. Not fun.

Gender- still waiting.. I have my idea though =)

Labor Signs- none. yay because that would be a bad thing.

Belly Button- in where it will stay (do you hear me belly button?!?!?)

What I miss- my boobs not hurting. Yep, I said it.

What I'm looking forward to- Tuesday's appt.

Weekly Wisdom- you will get big. Get over it. (I seriously have to remind myself of this once a day)

Milestones- can I get one more Yeehaw for being done with the first trimester!!!

And because I missed them and I want to at least somewhat keep this whole belly pic thing going...

15 weeks

& 14 weeks

Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Yay. I need this. My overactive imagination has managed to convince me of quite a few things about my babe- all, not so good. And hello? How come my pregnancy "bible", it's claim not mine, never told me about certain "dreams" (ahem) during pregnancy?!?


Ink Obsession Designs said...

You look great!

MissJody said...

I loe the fact your taking pictures of your tummy! That is exactly what I had pictured I'd do when I will be pregnant!
You look so cute :) Your lil tummy is barely peeking out there..your so cute :)
I'm so happy for you :)

Lindsey said...

You look fabulous!!!

In this wonderful life... said...

you look awesome!! Did I miss the hair cut memo!?!?! SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!! Love the survey too. Glad you are feeling good..what do you think it is!?

Tracy-Girl said...

good luck at your app tomorrow!! you look so great, I am so happy for you! Let us know how that heartbeat sounds!

Jill said...

this is just the cutest post ever! keep 'em coming missy preggo! (congrats for the 18th time!)

Annie said...

you look wonderful hun!! so happy and just glowing!!
cute little baby bump you have :)

Kristin said...

You are too adorable!! I had m/s for 7 months. The dude was worth it though!

Anonymous said...

you look fabulous mama!!! Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! = )

Milltini said...


Jennifer said...

I love your hair!!! You look so beautiful! I hope you get your energy back soon. :)

Grad3 said...

fabulous :))))

Emma-leigh said...

Don't give up on the tummy pics. I love them. I think it is very cute and a great way to document the 'journey'.

emily said...

Congratulations, you look great!!! When will you find out the sex or are you going to let that be a surprise?


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