Tuesday, October 27, 2009

belly dancers, lambs, and fire oh my!

A couple weekends ago, my BFF, Jay, and her boyfriend came down for the weekend from Chucktown. We decided to head out to this Moroccan restaurant downtown with some friends.

I should admit that I don't really like a lot of food. AKA I am ridiculously picky and don't like to try new things. It is why I would easily eat Mexican food everyday until I died if I could.

But I went along to a place where lamb is readily served and I tried to find something to eat.

E getting her hands washed before dinner.

We actually had a great time. The boys loved the belly dancers...

The girls did not love the fact that the belly dancer wouldn't take no for an answer when she dragged us into the middle of the room to dance. Yes, I totally tried to use my 4 months pregnant status as a reason to stay seated. Shameful I know, but don't worry, the belly dancer didn't buy it.

Don't let my smile fool you. I was not impressed to be up dancing around some drunk guy I don't know with a huge water stain on the front of my dress from our waiter "washing" my hands. Or my dress, whichever.

I'll admit it, Jay and I have no rhythm. We looked ridic. At least our friend E could hold her own!

All in all.. The food? Not horrible. Although I barely ate it, at least I gave it a try. The atmosphere was a blast and our company was awesome. Not such a bad Saturday nite. I'd do it again.


Practically Perfect... said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Good for you for trying something new :-)

Emma-leigh said...

Good for you for getting up and trying the dancing even though it wasn't your thing. Looks like a fun night.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, I would have been mortified too. You look very cute pregnant at least = ) Great pictures.

Annie said...

i think it looks like fun!!!
i have only been to one restaurant with belly dancers and i can still hear that sound from those little bells they hold in their fingers. know what i'm talking about?!?
you look adorable in the pictures hun!!

MissJody said...

I don't care-you still look so cute :)

I have never been to one of these places, actually looks fun :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like fun!


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