Friday, October 23, 2009

a friday rant.

Somebody once told me "there's nothing common about common sense". No, he didn't make it up but I have no idea who said it first, so this guy gets credit in my book.

Well, I'm changing it up a bit. I personally think there's nothing common about common courtesy.

I'm not kidding people. I live in the South which is supposed to be friendly by freakin' nature. If this is friendly, well I don't want to see rude and mean.

When I stop in my car to let you walk in front to get in a store, please don't waddle the entire way, playing in your purse, on your phone, whatever. Move your A**! I've got places to go to.

When you are in the left lane and there is a line of cars backed up behind you because you've decided to go the under the speed limit (or the speed limit or just 5 over), then move. Maybe I want a speeding ticket. At least move over and give me the chance to go fast enough to tempt the fates.

Please do not get in the speedy checkout line with 2 carts of crap, and then give me dirty looks when I stand there huffing and puffing holding my 3 items.

Do not let your kids ride their bikes through my front yard. This seriously irks me to no end. I don't walk through your yard, although I'm debating it, in stilettos, so get your munchkins off my lawn. Now.

It's a wonder I have good blood pressure. People make me crazy. Is it just me or is it getting worse by the day? I feel like people in general just feel like they're entitled to act like this. It's not just my sweet, southern hometown is it?!

Man... I miss Mayberry.


Trac~ said...

Unfortunately, this is everywhere -and the South is no different (I'm from the South, so I can say that -lol) It makes me mad too that people think you owe them something no matter what the situation - they are so greedy and selfish that it's pathetic - no wonder our young kids are how they are these days - UGH!

It Is Everlasting said...

Awww honey I am so sorry. I know how it feels when it all just piles up and you think your head is just going to pop off! Deep breaths. Hopefully one day soon the other side of people will come out and you'll be so thrilled with the kindness you witness.

Brown Girl said...

Ha ha, keep calm. Step away from the knife. I so feel your pain. Ass holes are everywhere, even in the south. Ugh. What happened to manners with kids, that's what I want to know!!!

Annie said...

for sure not just your town!! it's EVERYWHERE! kinda sad actually!

hope you have a great weekend though girly!! :)

MissJody said...

Amen. Sista.
I live in a Rude Area.
Or are they just dumb?


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