Thursday, May 13, 2010

back on the fit train. ugh.

So pregnancy does some not so fun things to your body. And it is not okay.

I managed to gain 39 pounds while pregnant. That is a big old belly.

The day I went in to be induced


I thought I made it through the whole ordeal pretty much stretch mark free until the last week when one little tiny one showed up on my right side.


While I was in the hospital I managed to lose 21 pounds. Best. Diet. Ever. Just give birth to a healthy baby girl and then lose a TON of fluid and wa-la. However, I had acquired this scary flap of gushiness. I really can't think of a better way to describe it. It's like a scary skin flap. Ever see Click? Remember when Adam Sandler flaps his skin tongue? Yea. It's like that.

Well not that bad. But I was pretty horrified.

However, not even 1 week after I got home, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thirty-nine pounds gone. Thank you breast feeding.

But I am still left with a pooch and oh yea, stretch marks. All on my left side where she hung out most of the time and all way down low. Guess the bottom of my belly stretched more than I thought.


I may be back to pre-preg weight but my clothes still don't fit right and I still don't feel right. I'm way flabbier and I swear my hips are in a new position. I may not be able to fix the hips but my skin flap is outta here.

I took Baby Girl running the other day and oh. my. gosh. Almost died.

I am so out of shape. And the whole time I was very aware of my hip joints and my suture area. And I also think I could feel my uterus bouncing around in there.

That last part probably didn't really happen but I swear something was going on in there.

This may be a long road.

*After our first run

When I got home I did a few weights and some crunches. Can someone please tell me where I put my abs?! I only knocked out a few sets and thought I saw the Light calling me home so I quit.

I am so out of shape.

The next day I felt like I got hit by a car. We rested that day.

I also signed up to play in my high school's alumni soccer game this Saturday.

Clearly I'm insane. I'm fixing to take my 6 weeks postpartum, 27 year old body out there and subject myself to 90 minutes of running with 17 year olds.

I wonder if I can call in sick to that....

Anyway. Here I am at 5 weeks post delivery.

Definite poochage going on.

I'm going to have to work this off because as I've stated before, I am not a dieter. A dieter wouldn't have consumed the dozen cookies I did today. At least I don't think there's a diet that allows that. If there is, then maybe I am a dieter.

Back on track. So here goes. I'm back on the fit train. I have to work in workout time and make sure I still have enough time for my girl. No going to the gym for hours at a time anymore. When I come home at work, I want it to be about her. So it looks like I'll be running with her. Which is fine. I just have to get re-motivated.

And get my hips to stop hurting. This should be as fun as a barrel o' monkeys. Here goes...


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

the Light calling you home...I almost died laughing. actually, i laughed out loud that P called from the other room to see what was going on. i feel the same i was hit by a out of shape. aren't we two peas in a pod. =)

Maggie said...

Oh man, hang in there! At least your sense of humor is intact. I know how hard it is to stay on the fit train WITHOUT just giving birth, so huge props to you. Of course, you can always follow my sister's plan and just get pregnant again so you don't have to worry about it - ha!

A.B. said...

You look ah-mazing for 5 weeks post delivery!! I'm REALLY nervous about getting back into running after le bebe comes in July! Goal. Start training for a race immediately. I mean, pregnancy is about indulging, right? It is for me... for now. I may regret this later...

Lindsey said...

I know how hard it is to be on the fit train and I haven't had a baby! So I think you are doing great! I def plan on running with my baby after I have one. Yes I have planned this out even though it's years away, ha!
You look great momma!!

d.a.r. said...

I think you look amazing!!! I'm sure it just feels weird to have everything out of place and not look like it used to, I am surely not looking forward to that part of pregnancy! I can't wait to read how to tackle this with BG in tow!

Kristin said...

Oh sweets. Don't sweat it. You could have been like me...Gained around 30 lbs...lost 20 with birth and didn't lose another pound until I STOPPED breast feeding. You look amazing. It will come off. Just enjoy that munchkin. Oh and my whole lower belly got stretch marks. They've faded and aren't that noticeable at all!

In this wonderful life... said...

you are a brave lady!! but my word, you already look SO great!!!! I'm scared to see my post body..yikes!


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