Friday, July 23, 2010

fit train friday.

As a way of keeping myself accountable, I've decided that each Friday I'm going to have to log in to this 'ol blog here and type out what I've managed to accomplish that week on Operations Lard Loss.

Yes. That sounds disgusting. But muffin top sounds cute and what I've got going on is not cute, so let's call a spade a spade here folks.

I pulled out me old running shoes and hit the pavement on Monday.

Apparently something happened to my feet while pregnant because my shoes no longer fit comfortably at all. Add to the fact that they're old and rundown and I felt like I was running barefoot on concrete the entire time. Not fun at all.

I managed to eek out about 30 minutes of off and on running in the 100 degree heat. Not too bad. Not where I was at all, but I can work with it.

However, the next morning I woke up and was pretty sure my shins felt out my legs when I stood up. No bueno.

So I'm going to have to curb the running until I can get some new shoes. And that will have to be when I find a little free time to go and actually find some good running shoes.

I managed to squeeze in the Shred about four times this week. Once I get BG down to bed, I pop in my dvd and do the workout about 9:30. Yes, ridiculously late to workout, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

The Shred is really hard y'all. I swear it's gotten harder while sitting on my shelf for a year!!

I can't quite make it through without stopping yet, but I'll get there. And I didn't do it last night because I was exhausted and BG was exhausted so we curled up together for most of the night.

I've been trying to watch what I eat and just eat smaller portions. I'm also trying to stay away from my newly acquired Mountain Dew habit. Of course I'm back on my two pots of coffee a day habit but at least that's low calorie!!

So after a week of watching what I eat and trying to work out again, I stepped on the scale expecting to see some progress.

I gained 2 pounds. I hate that thing.

Must not give up.... (she says pounding her fist on her head).

I'm not quite comfortable yet with putting my weight out there but I will say this; I'm about 13 pounds above where I was pre-pregnancy. Ideally I'd like to lose about 25 pounds.

Are there any other good workout/workout dvd's y'all recommend? Gym time is just not an option yet. Maybe when they add some hours into the days, but not now. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

It's time to kick Operation Lard Loss into high gear!!


Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on!

I don't do fitness videos, we live on the 11th floor, and I doubt 10th floor neighbors would appreciate some jumping around at 5am! So I am no good on recommendations, but some days when I feel "meh" about the gym, I'll do some old-school pushups and situps and lunges and I feeeeel the burn during and afterwards! That might work for you in a pinch!

Also, I've found some sweet sneaker deals at Marshalls - I dont' know if you plan on running a lot, but if so, you'll need to replace your shoes every 250 miles or so, which can get costly very quickly! I've gotten nice New Balances and Asics at Marshalls in the past - just fyi!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Count to 10. It's going to be okay. I know you feel disgusting right now...but, it WILL get better. I promise.
In the meantime, order shoes online...there's a reason God gave us the Internet so put it to use. Finding time to go shoe shopping is difficult.
Keep a food log for a week to try to learn a little more about the areas you can try and improve on.
I was thinking about purchasing a stationary bike for the house and doing spin type stuff. Can ya'll do that?
Have you tried Diet Mt. Dew? I hate diet drinks, but I do think the Mt. Dew one tastes closer to the original than most.

I think you are doing great. Stick to the Shred 4 times a week. It's all about consistency...the weight will come off. You can do it!


Practically Perfect... said...

I really like 30 Day Shred. It's quick and easy to fit into a busy schedule. If you do it 5 days a week, you will definitely notice results!

Once you've done that, or if you're feeling ready for a challenge, then you can do P90X. The only thing with that is that some of the workouts are 90 minutes. I usually only ever do an hour, though. It will kick your bum into gear and make you want to throw your TV out the window, but it works :-)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

If ya'll aren't in an infant tub what do you bathe E in? Our tub is supposed to grow with the kids.

Hayley said...

Yay, Yay, every Friday we can do this together...even if we are on two different continents :-)


Mandy said...

I do the Shred too!! {and also late at night most nights} but running really help me lose all my pregnancy weight and tone back up. And I don't run alot...3 miles at most {and often with walking breaks} Definitely head out and get yourself some new sneakers!!

Laura said...

Keep it up! You're doing great. And remember...a lot of people gain a little weight when they first start working out because after each work out your body is rebuilding muscle and since muscles weighs more than fat...its typically a good sign if you see that slight increase in weight the first 2-3 weeks of starting a new work out program. Another thing is that if you're drinking more water to accomodate for the temperature and to prevent dehydration you may just be holding onto more. Keep posting though! I'll have to use this to keep me accountable too once little Ava enters the world.

Kristin said...

The Shred gets easier I promise...That is until you go up a level. HA!

Lara said...

Good on you for getting motivated, and good luck losing the weight. I put on 70lbs during pregnancy (incl baby), and have 40lbs to lose until I'm at my goal weight. I need to get motivated too!

KatieJones said...

Look at the big girl holding her bottle!

Lindsey said...

You're doing great friend and you will see progress soon! Sometimes it takes the scale some time to catch up to all the hard work you're putting in. You're a hot mama though no matter what!
I suggest the 30 Day Shred, it's quick and you'll see results fast. I also really like Denise Austin videos and I heard she has a good post-baby work-out video.

Katie said...

good luck girl! you can do it :) No tips overhere, I fell off the fit train so far back I can't even see it! All will change after the chicago trip... maybe :)


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