Friday, July 2, 2010


Somehow my calendar has become full of appointments and get-togethers.

None of which are mine.


Baby Girl has one full calendar. We are always on the go. She's got so many little friends all over the place.

She's in high demand. =)

Last week, we headed over to a friend of mine's house to play with her kiddos. C and I have been friends since we were in the 5th grade. We used to imagine living next door to one another one day and watching our children grow up together.

Well, we don't live next door, but close enough! And we fully intend to watch these guys grow up together!

Baby Girl was entranced by some singing cartoonish type group on TV at this point. Hope she enjoyed it there. Mama can't take that stuff here...

I have a feeling I have quite a few more years of driving this girl around to see her friends. At least she hangs out with some awesome kiddos!

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Brown Girl said...

BG is getting so big! She is just so so cute!!


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