Saturday, May 28, 2011

a day.

Yesterday was not a good day.

BG was up bright and early and in rare form for sure. In her defense, I'm pretty sure her teeth have been bothering her big time lately. She's super whiny and super cranky and has been having problems sleeping. Being BG though, she has not let me look in her mouth to see if I can find the pearly white culprits.

I burned breakfast because I got distracted by BG playing in the dog's water bowl. I left the huge puddle she formed on the ground so I could get her fed and then slipped in it later falling flat on my tail and slamming my hand into the kitchen cabinets.


The internet wasn't working and every time I tried to call someone for help, they wouldn't talk to me. I kept hitting brick walls and I was frustrated. I was having one of my down and out days where I obsessively worry about money and wonder if me staying at home is truly what I should be doing now.

BG woke up from her twenty minute nap fighting mad. She didn't want to do anything I allowed her to do, but wanted to climb into and out of boxes, on the furniture, in the toilet; basically everywhere she cannot play. Anytime I moved her I was rewarded with a full on meltdown.

Hanging pictures isn't going well as the walls in this house are some form of plaster. Yet, I won't give up, so I hit the crap out of my thumb ensuing a loud f-bomb from me and giggles and a word way too familiar to the one I just uttered from BG.


I took her on a run, where she fussed the whole time, I got chased by a chihuahua, and I managed to go through an ant bed that I didn't notice until after my ankles were on fire.

I told Mr. P what a hard day I had and how I actually would LOVE to have a job outside of the home some days.. He made the comment that maybe this was exactly where I'm supposed to be and the Lord is trying to teach me something in dealing with her. Like patience. Fun lesson huh?

I know there will be good days and bad days. I know that. Yesterday was just a really, really hard day.

I don't regret staying home with her and I realize how insanely lucky I am to do that. It's just some days... my boss is very hard to deal with.

This is a hard lesson. Toddlerhood is kicking my arse. No lie.


Mandy said...

:( Hugs Momma. Those days are the absolute worst. Know you are not alone though! Hope you have way more good days now to make up for it!!

Erica said...

Geez...what a day. Toddlerhood IS hard. I love this stage so much, but it's also so freaking difficult to deal with the whines and crying when they can't have what they want! I hope today was a better day!

Gina said...

Ugh. I hate those days. But that just means you are due for a few awesome ones. Here's hoping they make their appearance soon.

Jen Watts said...

We all have those days.. Luckily Carsyn was on pretty good behavior this week because my email and facebook accounts got hacked-ugh! I'm still locked out of them. As far as teeth Carsyn still has none-crazy! And BG is way too cute to be getting into the meaness you proclaim!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What a day, indeed. Those are the kind of days where I end wanting to say, "I quit!" I hope that today was better for you.

Rachel said...

Wish I could come greet you with a great big DRINK! You've earned it. I can also say reading this has helped calm my baby fever (for now!).

Lucy Marie said...

I sure hope she made it up to you. Those days are long. I'm sorry, Mama.

Ashley said...

Aw hun, I'm sorry you had a bad day. We have been having MANY of those lately. Perhaps I'm being taught a lesson also, because I am really struggling with this stage of baby-hood. Maybe this is Cooper becoming a toddler, but I am having a hard time with it. Hopefully BG made up for it over the weekend :)

Oh, and have you ever tried the 3M Command picture hanging stuff? It's like velcro, and has that srtip that will come cleanly off the wall. Maybe that would work? And it's a lot easier than nailing them up!

The Shabby Princess said...

Oh goodness! I am not a mama (yet! yet! yet!) but, I love that you related BG as your boss--that's so how I picture motherhood. And just as I'm sure you had bad days when you worked outside the home, there's bad days with BG as a boss lady. Better days will come.

And also? I fear for the day I start to learn patience. FEAR.

Legallyblondemel said...

I'm sorry. My heart so goes out to you reading this - we've been having a similarly challenging few days here. This start of toddler stuff is no joke. Lord, please give us patience - now! :-)


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