Thursday, November 3, 2011

let them be little.

I'm not a patient person. At all.

On a daily basis, BG tries my patience. She is strong willed to the core y'all and we are ridiculously alike in attitude which is scary.

Sometimes I find myself wishing she would just feed herself, or dress herself, or heck, was big enough to walk up the stairs by herself just so that I could finish what I'm doing. Yea, bad huh?

The other day I watched as she ran all over a pumpkin patch a local church had. I'd taken her up there to get out of the house for a few hours and she loved it. I told her she could pick out one pumpkin thinking she'd pick up one of the small ones. I had to laugh as the went for one of the biggest ones and tried to pick it up.

While I watched my little ball of energy run from pumpkin to pumpkin, a lady with a tiny baby walked up next to me. I watched as she set him up against the pumpkins for that typical "Baby's 1st Halloween" picture and I smiled. Then I realized I could hardly remember BG ever being that size.


She's already growing so, so fast. Why would I want to rush it anymore??

Someday she won't need me anymore. Not like she does now. There will be no sweaty, toddler hand in mine as we go up the stairs. There won't be food on my hands as I try to help her figure out the logistics of her fork. There won't be a sweet little soul in my lap as I explain to her how to put on her shoes and socks. I won't have a soaking wet shirt as I try to wrangle a little one in the tub.

She's only little once.

This morning I took the time to really sit and watch her get ready. As I was getting her dressed I explained to her how to put on her pants, socks and shoes yet again. Then it happened; she stood up and pulled up her pants.

My lap was empty.

It's going so, so fast.

I find myself always looking to the next step, just waiting on it to get here. When she can walk, talk, and feed herself. I don't want to miss anything waiting for something else to happen. Today I need to focus on just that; today. I need to just let her be little. I need to learn to just be. To calm down and enjoy this time with my little girl.

Because at times when my patience is at it's thinnest and the days seems oh so long, the weeks and years are flying by. She's only this little once.


Belle on Heels said...

ohmigod. her pants. love. is it bad that i want them in my size? :)

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

So sweet, and I know what you mean. Joe has days where he really tries my patience, too, and I think how great it will be once he's a bit older and has grown out of certain phases. But then I realize that I miss having him so tiny and snuggly all the time, too. It's great that you're focusing on appreciating BG for where she's at right now :-)

And those pants are so adorable!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Yep, I'm officially BAWLING. Oh my goodness. The rate that Trey is learning things lately is breaking my heart. I am SO proud of him but you are so right. He's going to be big soon, off on his own doing things. Not NEEDING me.

I'm going to go jump off a bridge now.

(Kidding, but really - thank you - we all need to remember this sometimes!)

Becca said...

She is adorable - I love her outfit!

A.B. said...

It is going too fast. I want them to need us forever (but also have breaks). She is adorable--and so are you tiny hot mama!

Christina Cadden said...

Doesn't time fly!!! Reese grows everyday and I just wish she would stay little. However, I have those days where I wish she could stuff herself as well. Glad you refound my blog!!! :)
~christina cadden

Elizabeth said...

She is so adorable! Yes, time passes way too fast!!

Maria said...

Wow, this almost made me cry! My son is only 9 mo. But it's still hard to remember him being a newborn. I'm excited and looking forward to him walking but everyone keeps reminding me to enjoy this stage. They do grow fast, but it just keeps getting better and better :)

Mandy said...

What a wonderful post. It's so hard sometimes to just be in the moment and enjoy it. Definitely a great reminder for all of us!

Brittany Ann said...

I do the same thing, and you're right. I need to slow down and savor it. Especially b/c I can already tell I have a little mini-me in terms of personality on my hands, so I'll be in the same boat with the strong-willed toddler as you.


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