Wednesday, November 9, 2011

our halloween recap- boo in the zoo

So I'm late with a recap. Same song, different day.

We went to Boo in the Zoo up in Greenville the Sunday before Halloween. I was dying to get up there after Erin told me how much fun they'd had at the one she went to the year before. Plus, I needed another excuse for BG to wear her overpriced costume.

Y'all, we had so much fun. Besides the fact that my toddler thinks the stroller is the uncoolest place to be ever and I had to carry her most of the time to keep her from disappearing. That was fun. And a workout.

She loved it. She really loved the giraffes and the monkey. In fact we heard "monkey?" in the saddest little voice over and over for hours. We had to keep telling her that the monkeys went away. Oh the lies start early huh?

The line to get in was ridiculous but it moved fast and we had such a good time checking out all of the costumes. BG laughed and carried on most of the night. Plus, she was just so darn cute.

One of the monkeys went a little bit nuts in front of the crowd and BG loved it. She laughed and clapped and just carried on the whole time. Man, watching her enjoy stuff is so worth the over priced candy and entrance fee. ;)

We'll be doing this again. I already kind of can't wait for next year.


A.B. said...

G$ also finds the stroller to be totally uncool--and as of today, so is his high chair. Which ='s a lot of me carrying him--like at barnes and noble today when a single lady jumped ahead of me and then took 10 minutes to check out while I was holding 23 lbs of G and 3 books. My evil looks were strong.

Cindy said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun. I will have to put this on my list of things to do next year-my twins will be 18 months so that should be a good age for them to enjoy it! BG was such a cute little lamb!

Lindsay said...

so fun! she has the SWEETEST little face!! our zoo does this and I can't wait to take Hudson next year.

Legallyblondemel said...

That fluffy, darling costume is just too much.

It's amazing what we'll pay to see that look of bliss on our little one's face, isn't it? I had that moment when paying some embarrassing amount for a balloon the other day, but thank Heaven that thing got us through the grocery store & home in one piece.

I feel you on the stroller pain, too. It's a bit of an issue when they loathe the stroller but will take off for Canada when they aren't in one...


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