Monday, November 21, 2011

project 365: week 45

Behind much??

Sunday, November 6th:

She was getting her babies ready for a quick ride around the house. She melts me.

Monday, November 7th:

All dolled up for school. Girl loves her accessories.

Tuesday, November 8th:

She is ridiculous hard to take pictures of.

Wednesday, November 9th:

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping babe?!

Thursday, November 10th:

A picture of the five minutes a day she sits still. I love watching her play by herself.

Friday, November 11th:

You mean your child doesn't watch tv on the coffee table?!

Saturday, November 12th:

She is just so full of joy. I love her so much.


Meggie said...

Those red tights are adorable! She has the sweetest smile!

Jen Watts said...

She is full of joy!
Also, her wardrobe is so cute!

Maria said...

Love the idea of 365 pictures! Too bad I stopped :(
Definitely love the red tights and "accessories." Such a lady!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

What a sweet little bundle of happiness!

Her outfits are always so cute :-)

Mandy said...

Her face has so much joy in that last picture! What a happy girl she is!


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