Thursday, February 21, 2013

update: bg edition

As we get closer and closer to three, I'm seeing flashes of why people said "two's not bad; wait til three!". And while those flashes are bone chilling, most of the time, Baby Girl is just one plain awesome kid.

First of all, if you read my post yesterday (thank you guys for reaching out on that one), then you know we've been having some issues at school and such. Well I'm proud to say that today, she had ZERO issues. Her teacher actually told me today that BG's main problem is that she's the most "mature" one in the class. That she's a bit ahead in colors, letters, numbers, and shapes and so she gets bored. And a bored kiddo is never a good thing. So today, they gave her a project of writing her letters while the others worked on something. It did the trick. She stayed busy and she didn't have any discipline issues. Yay for good days.
BG is beyond verbal. BEYOND. Currently her favorite thing is to use her colors to describe something. As in "see that cow Mama? See that black and white cow? He's over there by the green tree." This is all day everyday. I would say she's only quiet in her sleep, but she usually talks in her sleep so... there's that.

She still prefers not to get dirty. She fell down the other day and I thought she was going to have a panic attack over the mud on her hands. She's also slightly dramatic. She'll come running at you screaming bloody murder because she saw a fly.

She's slightly bossy. She got mad today because her shovel kept hitting her. The shovel she was holding. Then she got mad at the wind for messing up her hair and tried to tell it to stop. She is such a girl.

She likes to tell us that she's funny. Which is cute. Until she's getting in trouble and she pops up with "but at least I'm funny" which always makes us laugh.
She is sarcastic like whoa. It's bad. Today while we were driving home I looked in the back to see her rubbing the straw of her cup along the ceiling of the car. I told her to stop messing with the roof and she popped back with "it's not a roof". I said "whatever, stop messing with it". I look back to see her doing the same thing again and so I told her to stop again. Same thing; "it's not a roof". Whatever, just stop. Same thing happens so I tell her to stop again and also add "and don't talk back" to which she pulls the cup down, waits on me to avert my gaze out of the rear view mirror and then I hear a whisper "but it's still not a roof". I laughed I couldn't help it.

She is Miss Independent to a T. She's at the point now where we can ask her to go get dressed and she can pretty much do it all on her own. Buttons are tough, but the rest? she's got. She brushes her teeth, does her potty business, and brushes her hair (though I still prefer to do that) on her own. She is so dang grown.
She is a sweetheart. She really is. She has a stubborn streak as wide as the Mississippi but she's got a heart just as big. I love catching rare moments of her being still such as when she's trying to share a snack with the cat or when she's lovingly cradling a baby doll. I love those glimpses of her heart.

She is still in full on Princess mode. She likes having her hair braided because she thinks it's Princess hair. She likes dresses and dress up and Princess movies. She is all girl.

She is a Daddy's girl through and through but I'm her best friend. Which makes my Mama heart so happy. I'll take it.
She's smart. She's smart in a way that allows us to just sit together and have conversations. Which I love. She still has a child's innocence though which I love more. Like she knows about Heaven but in her mind, Heaven is a place where her Grandma lives in a Princess castle with Jesus. I'll take it.

She went through a period where she constantly asked the difference between what boys and girls could do. She was obsessed with the differences. I think we've finally convinced her that girls can do anything boys can. Except pee standing up. But when I told her that she said "but I can pee in the grass like boys can". I've taught her life necessities for sure.

She's funny. I know I've already said that but y'all, she is so funny. She knows it too. She'll do random things like run into a room naked and start dancing just to get a rise out of people (we're working on keeping her clothes on!). She loves to make people laugh and she thrives on it. If you start laughing at her, you'll just egg her on. And girl can go for days.

She earns an allowance now and she thinks it's so cool. She puts her plate up after dinner, cleans her room up, and makes sure her dirty clothes go in the hamper. If she does that, she gets a dollar. She's already learned that one dime goes to church and one to her savings. I love seeing her pick these things up already. It's small, but it's a HUGE start.
She's a flirt. She has a new doctor that is younger and she loves him. After he checks her out and does his exam, he sits down and chats with me about what he's found. While he does that, she inches over to maybe 5 inches from him and lays on her stomach on the table with her face in her hands and just stares at him. It's actually pretty embarrassing but she adores him. She has no problem going to the doctor at the moment.

She likes for us to lay down with her at night and if I do, she always ask for "the Beatles song". Her favorite song is still "Call Me Maybe" and the other night when she and Mr. P went to the Father/Daughter dance, that was the first song she heard to which she let out a little shriek and got to moving.

Dora is still her favorite but Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbell are now heavy in rotation. She's given up the WonderPets and Backyardigans almost completely which makes me sad because those seemed more babyish. :(

She's getting taller and skinnier by the day and the baby chub is disappearing with a quickness. I love how much she's changing and growing but it's still hard on my Mama heart to see how big she's getting.

I could talk about her all day every day. She is by far the coolest person ever. And while I know there will be scary parts of age three, so far, I'm totally looking forward to it.


Erin said...

What a sweet update! I'm glad she did better at school yesterday and YAY for the issue being that she's too mature. This, I think, is a good thing and something the teachers can tend to now that its been acknowledged. Keep soaking it up mama, you're doing great :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

lovely photos ;) we are having the "ohmygawd she's almost 3 and this is what people are talking about?" moments recently. DANG IT. I really hoped it wouldn't happen. I really thought that was all a lie.

They are still cool kids. But capable of being SO HARD some days.

Beautiful little Ella-lady. Just precious!

Anna TTIL said...

I'm so glad she had a good day at school! She looks so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love her I <3 my church shirt and her hair is getting so long! She is one lucky girl because it is so obvious that you love her to pieces.


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