Monday, March 8, 2010

35 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? Up 31 pounds. I just keep telling myself that there is a BIG 'OL baby in there, so she'll take it all with her. I've put that on repeat..

Maternity Clothes: hate clothes, just uncomfortable. Period. I'm still living in yoga pants and Mr. Perfect's shirts. At work, scrubs. That's about it!

Sleep? This week, I swore my child broke my rib. In half. Not kidding. It woke me up in my sleep it hurt so bad and I spent the rest of the night trying to get comfortable. Now, I wake up multiple times a night to use the bathroom, and every time I wake up, that rib is throbbing. So I've been having to come up with some new ways to sleep. Pretty much, I don't sleep anymore!

Best Moment of the Week? Her room is coming together! Her changing table was made by my parents and it's done and here and things are being completed! I am so excited!

Movement- Yep, she's still at that. It's mostly rolls and nudges and that one foot in my rib now. And it's constant.

Food Craving- popsicles. love....

Food aversions- seafood still, please let that just be a pregnancy thing!!

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks. And I've held a lot of pelvic pain this week. Not sure if that's a labor sign or not, but my hooha hurts! Not sure what's going on down there, but we'll find out tomorrow. Oh yay!

Belly Button- top half is back out, bottom half is flat. Looks like old faithful may stick it out (or in hehe) this whole time. That would rock.

What I miss- Energy. I am exhausted. And I can't sleep. This part sucks.

What I'm looking forward to- Appointment tomorrow. Let's see how big this babe has gotten now!

Weekly Wisdom- I can't think of any. Wow.. I'm lame.

Milestones- My rib is still in my chest. That's huge!


No Longer Newlyweds. said...

How was the dropping off of the changing table? Email me.

Newlywed Next Door said...

You're still looking great to me!

Sorry about the rib! Tell baby girl to calm down! Ha! :)

Annie said...

there is a baby in there!! you have plenty of reason to be gaining weight :)
you look adorable girly!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you look great! so cute! (i realized that i never e-mail you back! i'm so sorry! i'm so bad about e-mails too often! i wanted to look some things up before i e-mailed you back and then forgot to e-mail you! :( i still will:))

Lindsey said...

You seriously look AMAZING!

Grad3 said...

You may not feel fabulous, but damn girl, you look it!! :) Cheers to the last few weeks!

In this wonderful life... said...

You look too cute!! Can't wait to see that room!


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