Monday, March 29, 2010

38 weeks.

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I'm officially up 40 pounds. What the hey? But somehow it won't stop! Every visit the number gets more outrageous!!

Maternity Clothes: Necessary all the time. Although honestly at home (and I can't believe I'm telling you this..), I wear a sports bra and underoos. Yep. And I don't care. This belly wants to be free!

Sleep? I can sleep so I guess that's good. I wake up multiple times (like 6) a night, but when I'm asleep, I'm sound asleep. This past week has brought about a ton of dreams (anxious much?), and I still wake up with a pain in my right rib that's blinding, but at least I can get some sleep.

Best Moment of the Week? I've gone a week with no heparin shots and she's still doing great! We're weening off of a lot of meds in preparation for go time. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll have a better idea of when that is. Our last appointment, last Tuesday, our doc led us to believe that if she's not here by the 5th of April, that will be the induction day. Hopefully we'll find out for sure tomorrow.

Movement- All the time. Constantly. Still. If it's true that they're supposed to slow down before labor starts... well, it's no surprise mine is still inside! She really likes to stretch out and push her feet as far out my right side as possible. You can see it from the outside and oh, how good it feels. Well... not really!

Food Craving- popsicles. And chocolate chip cookies. Oh... that explains the 40 pounds!

Food aversions- I pretty much just eat junk. Should I be admitting that?!

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- nada. Braxton Hicks, but those have been a constant companion for a while now. Last appointment there was still nothing going on down there. I knew given the chance my child would be late!

Belly Button- flat. Sometimes it's out if she's rolled behind it, but since she hangs out on my left side most of the time, the belly button stays flat. And huge.

What I miss- My back not hurting. Running. I really miss running this week. I feel very large. Oh.. and my ankles have started swelling this week. I miss my normal looking legs. I actually miss my pre-pregnancy body. I just feel huge!

What I'm looking forward to- Tomorrow. Another appointment and hopefully a better idea as to when this child is coming.

Weekly Wisdom- This past weekend Mr. Perfect and I took the weekend to have a date night just us. I'm honestly just trying to enjoy every second of this week just the two of us. I'm trying not to wish it away because I know when Baby Girl gets here, I'm really going to miss my quiet existence with my hubs. So while I'm really anxious for her to get here, I'm also ok with it taking a while. Take it day by day...

Milestones- We're almost done cooking!


Tracy-Girl said...

Yayy... you look so cute!!

Ashley Paige said...

momma, 38 weeks and you're looking as gorgeous as ever!! :)

A.B. said...

I had 3 popsicles last night. I wanted to try out all of the flavors and I couldn't stop. Yum.

Rachel said...

You're so close, and you look so great!! She's gonna be here before you know it :)

Jennifer said...

40 pounds...whatev! You still look great!

Jennifer said...

I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to comment! It is all I can do to just read all the posts in my reader! I have been keeping up with you though! You look simply beautiful! I can't wait for the sweet baby to be here! It's almost time!!!!!!


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