Monday, August 23, 2010

an audition.

It's no secret that schools in the South kind of, well suck. Not every teacher, not every class, but in general, the level of education in the South is not so great. The numbers don't lie.

Unfortunately in my town, they are really, really bad. Most people move to the outlying counties and put their kids in school there. That's what my parents did.

However, Mr. Perfect and I aren't planning on moving outside of the city unless it's out of state, so looks like the little one will be private schooling it come her time.

Which is fine with me. I love the uniforms.

Shallow, yes, but oh so cute.

My friend, KP, has made the same decision for her little one. Well, she had anyway. Then she found out about a magnet school in our town.

She now has the bright idea that our girls will go there. They just have to display an artistic tendency.

Oh brother.

While I can play a mean saxophone, that would be the last of the artistic gene. Mr. Perfect and I are more "bookish". Well he's technological and I'm bookish. If those are words. Point being, we are not the creative, artsy type.

The other night while BG and I were hanging out with KP and Kathryn, we noticed the funniest thing ever. Kathryn has a fascination with playing the keyboard. She was pounding away on the keyboard and every time she would get going, we would hear BG start wailing. She was totally singing!

So maybe there is hope. Or maybe these girls will start their own band and we won't have to worry about any of this.


Kind of.


Kara said...

Hilarity! You know I love that one! I was just glancing at the piano tonight when I was rocking Sarah to sleep. I am ready to introduce her.

Hillary (First Yr Wife) said...

And just think-- if their band makes it big, this before-they-were-famous video will be huge!:)

Miss Jody said...

I'm hearing that more and more about the schools here in the explains alot.
Not to be rude, but it explains alot. I'll leave it right there :)

Little Baby Dancing Queen!!


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