Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i live in a madhouse.

I attempted dinner again tonight.

If you've read this blog for long you know that usually ends in disaster.

True to form, tonight was no different.

I decided to make a potato soup with spinach and sausage. I've been doing real well at planning our meals for the week on Sunday and going to the grocery store after church while Mr. Perfect watches BG. It takes the whole standing in the kitchen staring into cupboards guess work out of what to make for dinner.

So back to tonight. I've sliced up the potatos, opted out of the onions because I can't figure out how to cut them (don't say a word), and am getting ready to boil the Italian sausage.

Then Mr. P walks in.

"What's that water for?" he asks pointed at the 1/2 inch of water in the skillet that the recipe definitely called for.

"The sausage" I say.

He gives me this quizzical look as I pull the link of smoked sausage out of the water.

After consulting the recipe, he quickly comes to the conclusion that I am indeed using the wrong sausage.

Freaking kidding me.

And the wrong spinach.

So dinner fail.

And we're on a super budget so no going out for food.

Totinos it is. Blah.

As if it that's not enough, as I'm walking into BG's room to put her laundry away, something comes flying out of her bathroom and sails right in front of my face.

I look over to see Mr. Perfect bent in half laughing so hard he has tears coming out of his eyes.

I then look to see what almost wacked me in the face.

A rolled up dirty diaper.

Is he serious???

It took us a full five minutes to stop laughing while BG sat in the tub and stared at us like we were insane.

Who lets us live on our own??


Allison @ I heart Change said...

Hi! I saw your comment over on 'Mommy Musings' and meandered over.

I often wonder who decided we could live on our own too. That's a cute story!

And once your baby starts walking she'll slim up or stay the same for awhile. My son had been at 22 pounds since he was 6 months old.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my word, a flying dirty diaper! Something to look forward to, I guess, ha ha!

And I HATE cutting onions, too. My secret is to cut them in half, then put each half into my pampered chef chopper. Chop chop chop, and that's all that I do. I refuse to cut them any other way! I absolutely LOVE that chopper :-)

d.a.r. said...

Whoops!! Hhaha. I love the flying dirty diaper :)


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