Thursday, December 2, 2010

where my angel sleeps slept.

I realized a long, long time ago that I never posted pictures of Baby Girl's nursery.

I wish I had now so you could have seen it before a 7 month old took it over. But it's kind of nice to see how lived in it is.

I love her room.

It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, and it's honestly still being put together, but I love it. There is so much love in that room. So many items made just for her. Her room simply makes me smile.

When you walk in, the changing table is directly on your right. My parents made this for her and I love it because she'll be able to use it for years. After it's no longer being used for a changing table, she'll be able to use it as a shelf.

The baskets hold her necessities; pacis, Boogie Wipes, nighttime diapers, grooming stuff, hairbands, etc. The green bins hold burp cloths in one, bibs in one, and then socks, mittens, and cotton hats in the other. Down at the bottom is some of her toys.

Just some. It's kind of ridiculous.

The two canvases were made by my best friend, AP, and I. Quite the fun little project being as how neither one of us has a crafty bone in our bodies. But I love how they turned out. And they are two of my favorite Bible verses that I clung to during our struggle to become parents.

The "E" plaque I found at Home Goods. It must be fate because the colors matched her room perfectly.

The corner next to the changing table holds a few of our maternity photos (to be switched out some day with pictures of BG) and a canvas that I posted about here made by my friend Jess. I could not love that canvas more and our maternity photos taken by Emily, are some of my favorite pictures of us. Even though we were sick as a dog when we took them, I absolutely love how ridiculously happy we look in them.

Her window. The curtain is a Pottery Barn Kids blackout curtain. Initially I ordered it and thought it was two panels. It wasn't. That was months ago and I still haven't ordered another one. There is something wrong with me. But you can untie that one and it darkens her whole room, so it works.

**excuse the humidifier. We were having some issues when these pictures were taken!**
The corner on the other side of the window next to the crib.

The table holds her lamp, baby monitor, a book with a few of her pictures, a small canvas that says "May the Lord bless you all the days of your life", a piggy bank (which is so cute!), her first Bible, and a small dragon. Dragons are her Dad's thing and they mean protection so he put that in there to watch over her. Can't argue with that sweetness.

The shelf above holds her Shutterfly book of her arrival, another piggy bank, a child figurine that was in my room growing up, and one of her E's. The dresses hanging are one of my baby nightgowns on the left and her Mother's Day dress on the right. I painted the shelf.

The canvas above that Mr. P and I did with BG. And yes, it took us that long to get it completed. Love the different print sizes!

Her crib. I wish I'd realized the bedskirt was crooked. Grr...

We take the two dolls (that neon one is crazy but she loves it!) out at night. We leave the Lovie (I know bad, but if she wakes up and doesn't have it, it's over). The aquarium soother is amazing. Except she's learned how to turn it on in the night and that's scary.

The mirror down at the end is her favorite. Every single morning she wakes up and talks to herself in the mirror until it's time to get up. She loves that thing. Or the baby that lives in it. Something.

And of course the Sleep Sheep. Love it.

Her closet. Not even a third of her clothes. Craziness.

Her dresser. My friend KP and I made her knobs. I couldn't find any I liked and so we decided to paint our own. I still need to fill in the other holes. I will do it eventually. It took me months to get those on. Small steps people..

I made both of her bow holders. They are now completely full and I could really stand to make another.

So that's it. I truly do love her room. I don't think it's too "baby", which I didn't want, and it's a room that can grow with her. It's the happiest room in the house.

And the best part?


emily said...

You did a great job on her room! I really like the color combination and how did I miss that her name is Ella? That is super cute :) Love all of it!

Jennifer said...

I love the pink and green!

Virginia Belle said...

I love it! I think all of the canvases are my favorite. They are so personal and I'm sure she will cherish them forever!

Anonymous said...

Great girly room! That last picture of her is just adorable. She looks like she loves her room = )

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous!! I love the green and pink, that paint color is beautiful! And I want that penguin stuffed animal!;)

Kristin said...

What a darling space! I love the colors!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

I absolutely LOVE it! It is so cute :-) Makes me feel all kinds of inspired for our nursery!

Suze said...

Oh my word! How cute and southern! I love the colors you picked out and some things can be multi purpose that is so neat that her changing table is a bookshelf underneath! I love the hanging letters spelling out her name and canvas's sooo cute and pretty! She is adorable too! I'm a new follower, by the way :) Cant wait to read more and learn more about you:)

Rachel said...

It is darling! I've always loved the pink and green combo and this room only makes me love it more!

Paige said...

Gosh, I just love love love this room! The colors are amazing, and she is the best part of it all!

Kassie said...

I love it! It's so sweet and girly but can really grow with her.


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