Sunday, December 23, 2012

slowing down...

If there is one thing I've learned about kids, it's that they have a way to always get sick at the inopportune time. Or if there is something you are really looking forward to, your child will probably have a way to put a crimp in your plan. Every single time.

My kid is sick. At Christmas. For the second year in a row. Seriously.

The other night, her Dad and I made plans to pick her up from school early and then take her to the mall for a bit of shopping and then a visit to Santa. Then we were going to let her spend the night at her grandparents while we got some much overdue quiet non-parent time.


The mall was packed and BG was riding a sugar high like no other after a day at school involving not one, but two Christmas parties. We were walking through the center of the mall when BG decided she wanted to be carried and turned around to reach for her Dad. Somehow while he was pulling her toward him to pick her up, she decided to jump away from him and twist away and all hell broke loose. Literally.

She was inconsolable. At first we thought she was pissed about being picked up but it was so much worse than that. I took her to the side to see if I could calm her down and noticed she wouldn't even stand up straight. And she was sobbing hysterically. Which BG does not do.

We decided to head back to the car so I carried a bent in half toddler screaming through the mall. Good times. By the time we got to the car, she wasn't moving her arm at all and was so terribly upset that I just knew she had dislocated her shoulder or elbow. It broke my Mama heart watching her in so much pain.

So we ended up in the ER. Where she finally tired herself out enough to sleep on my chest only to be woken up in pain anytime she moved her arm. It was awful.

After about an hour, the doctor came in and told us that he thought she had a radial subluxation
, aka, Nursemaids elbow. To treat it he would just snap it back in place and if that was it, she would be back to normal in about five minutes.

Y'all. Holding her down for that just about did me in. I know there are Mamas out there that daily watch their children go through far worse and my heart goes out to you. My Mama heart could not stand watching my baby go through that. But the doctor was right; not even five minutes later, she was absolutely fine. And could not quit telling the doctor "thank you" because "he made my arm feel so much better".

The next day, we decided to attempt the Santa visit again. Mr. P had some errands to run in town so he left early and then the little and I headed in a bit later. We ran to a couple of shops first and then headed to see Santa. By the time we got there, BG was slowing down a bit and was saying how tired she was. We decided to see the big man and then reevaluate.

She climbed right up there and chatted Santa's ear off but it's obvious in the picture that she just plain out was not feeling well. A quick temperature check when we got home confirmed it; a fever. Fantastic.

Then this morning, an even higher fever causing her and I to miss the Christmas service at church and spend a very quiet day at home.

Today was supposed to be church and then lots of crafts. Yesterday was supposed to be lots of family shopping. Obviously neither day went at all like I had planned. But to be honest, I'm completely okay with it.

Now I'm not okay with my girl feeling so bad and I really, really want her better like ten minutes ago, but it has been kind of nice to spend a couple of days doing absolutely nothing. I usually have us so go go go that it's been nice to just slow it down.

Though two days is enough. I've got things to do. ;)

So that's where we are. We're buckled down and just praying BG keeps her fever down and stays out of the ER. And that we don't get sick. Family is starting to arrive and we've got a trip planned next week and I really need my girl feeling better.

Until then though, you can find me on the couch curled up next to the cutest two year old on the planet. Hope y'all are all enjoying your holidays.

Merry Christmas :)


SEL said...

What a rough few days!! Poor BG. :(

I hope she starts feeling better asap and that the holidays are germ-free.

Happy Holidays, friend!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I hope Baby Girl is feeling better soon! I really thought that by now (especially with two rowdy boys) that I would have ended up in the ER with one of them, but VERY thankfully I have not. Hearing how you had to hold her down breaks my heart :(

Laura Graham said...

Girl that is ROUGH! I have been thinking about yall since seeing the pics on instagram and I can not imagine the stress of all of that, and at Christmastime. So sorry! I hope you get to relax and destress soon!

Jillian said...

Being sick during the holidays suck:( but in my opioin it would have gotten me out of a lot "fun" in-law family stuff:) I'm sorry she was sick, poor baby!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I hope she feels better soon!!

Amber said...

hope she gets to feeling much better and had a good christmas

Linnea said...

I hope your baby girl is feeling better and that you had a Merry Christmas.


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