Monday, December 17, 2012

the one with another christmas activity.

A few weeks ago, my SIL and I decided to meet up in their town about an hour away to check out a Christmas lights display they had there. So this past Saturday, Mr. P and I packed up the little and hit the road to the beach.

The Internet talked this "light display" up big time; Santa's Village, live animals, lights galore, "snow" to play in, and so much more, and since everything on the Internet is true, I was beyond excited to take BG.

Ha. In their defense, it was ridiculously cold and sort of rainy, but the display was nothing like I was expecting. As in, I could see more Christmas lights driving home from work. But all for the experience right?

In true BG form, she took off for the animals immediately. They were her favorite part of course. There were also characters to see (you won't see pictures of BG with them as she literally took off running when they came near), crafts to do, and the "snow" to play in which was a few white flecks of something on a tarp which BG promptly through herself down into and had a blast.

Oh to be two.

We had a good time though. There was music to dance too and corn (?) to roll around in. Plus, BG's face as we drove through the lights? made it all worth it. Even though she almost jumped off the hay ride through the light display when the Rudolph character climbed on and sat beside her. He was pretty dang scary.

As fun as it was to get together with the brother and his crew, I think we might skip this one next year. Oh well, chalk it up to memory making.

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Lauren said...

Being a FL girl and knowing the real deal, that Mickey looks freakish, haha!!! :) What fun memories!!


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