Monday, December 10, 2012

the one with the live nativity.

I'm a sucker for a fun Christmas activity.

Drive thru lights? Check. Multiple Santa visits? Check. Christmas Eve service? Check.

I love it all.

So when Anna alerted me to a drive-thru Nativity in the area, I immediately told Mr. P that we were going the next weekend and plans were set.

This past weekend, we went to check things out. You had the option to walk thru or drive-thru, but since the drive-thru was kind of hands on, we went with that option. Also BG started howling about how she had to, ahem, use the restroom that very second as we were pulling up and the line to walk thru was much shorter so.... walking it was.

BG kind of loved it. They had all kinds of live animals and all the different scenes of the weeks leading up to Christ's birth played out. BG was fascinated by it all.

Plus, she scored a leather bracelet and free hot chocolate. She was golden.
Seriously worth going back too. Didn't take us long to walk through and BG loved it and loved getting to hear the Christmas story. We'll be adding it to our "must do" list next year.

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Anna TTIL said...

It looks like y'all had fun! I think the boys love the leather bracelets and hot chocolate the most. We really need to get together soon!


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