Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve & Day

Christmas was not at all what I had planned this year.

Throughout the whole month of December, BG was out of her mind excited for all the Christmas festivities. She was finally at the age where doing different things was fun and got so excited to pick out the tree and see the lights and all that jazz. She was more than excited about Santa (and saw him four times) and absolutely could not wait for him to come. She also was excited for "baby Jesus' birthday" and couldn't wait to bake cookies and bake a birthday cake.

Truth be told, I was just as excited as she was.

I couldn't wait to bake cookies and make a cake and attend Christmas Eve service and put out cookies for Santa and.... well, the list goes on and on.

Then this happened. Which lead to an even higher fever which lead to us traipsing back up to the Emergency Room on Christmas Eve only to have BG diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia.


I was bummed out. Big time.

We skipped Christmas Eve service and picked up Chinese food on the way home. My Papa and Aunt were already in town for the holiday but we made the call to the brother and his family that they would need to stay home the next day. I was so bummed out.

We tried for a few Christmas activities but BG wasn't having it. When even a Princess ornament wouldn't crack a smile, we read the Christmas story and let her hit the hay. Without even putting on her special Christmas jammies and leaving me to put out cookies for Santa.

As soon as she went to bed, Mr. P started showing signs of the flu so I shooed him off to bed as well while I curled up with a tv show and some wine. Not what I had planned.

The next morning, BG woke up as foul as she'd gone to bed and her mood didn't lighten much during the day. She opened a few presents but she really was not interested. I felt awful for my grandfather and aunt who had come all this way, but I had no idea this was going to happen.
My poor baby felt AWFUL. I freaking loathe the flu.

The day wasn't all bad though. There were a few laughs and BG did enjoy herself at times. She was the most excited about her two FurReal animals (I so hope she always loves animals this much!) and her Princess dress up shoes. Oh. And that microphone. Whose idea was that thing?!?

Poor Mr. P never even made it out of bed and once my aunt and granddad headed to the beach for Christmas with the brothers' family, the little and I curled up for a nap in the chair.

I had built up Christmas so much in my head because I knew she would enjoy it this year and it did not turn out at all like I'd planned. Also, this was the first Christmas without my Grandma and truth be told, I just plain needed the activity to not miss her so much. All the quiet of this Christmas led to too much thinking and I ended the night in tears.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat, I realize that, but I'm really not. It wasn't about the gifts, it wasn't even really about the activity or the fact that she didn't get to wear her special outfits; it was just hard. Hard seeing my baby so sick, hard not being able to be around family (my aunt and grandfather stuck around since they had flu shots, which apparently didn't work as they both had the flu the next week), hard not even being with Mr. P, hard missing my Grandma.

So Christmas was quiet. I did sing Happy Birthday to Jesus while BG sat curled on my lap which was pretty much the most important part of the day anyway

RSV last Christmas, the flu and pneumonia this Christmas... would it be too much to ask for a healthy kiddo next year?!?

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Vanessa Miller said...

Aw..I'm so sorry to hear that she was so sick for Christams! I was really hoping my little one would be into Christmas this year too and she wasn't. Maybe next year.


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