Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas program: cute video included

There are certain events that happen in parenthood that, to me, sort of define parenthood.

There tons of big ones and then there are little ones. Different ones to each parent. To me, there are a few things that happen that make me stop in my tracks and it hits me; "whoa.. I'm like a real parent now".

The first time I took her to get fitted for shoes was one. Buying her pair of shoes as a necessity and not because they were cute was an eye opener. Real Moms do this. The first day I sent her off to daycare was another. Packing her bag was another hit to the "real" mom category.

When we signed the list saying what we would bring to her first school party was another. And then making her Valentine's last year.

I became a Mom the minute I heard BG's heartbeat but sometimes I still get hit with the reminder when I'm doing little things with her and I get all choked up and I can't believe that I'm actually a Mom. Her Mom.

She made me a sap. I can't help it.

BG had her Christmas program Tuesday night and it was, yep, another one of those times. As Mr. P and I, Uncle Marine, Aunt Kiki, AK, and BG's Granddaddy shuffled to find seats for her program, I got that feeling again. Good grief I love being her Mom.
*she's in the center, grinning from ear to ear*

BG played an angel in the live nativity and though her part was small (minute really), she managed to steal the show pretty early on by being the only angel dancing and clapping along with the music. Watch about 20 seconds in to this video and then about 45 seconds in and then a minute in; you'll see.

She gets her inability to sit still from her Mama. Also, I got a tripod for Christmas. Mr. P's video skills will be thankful for that.

She was adorable though. And a little cheerleader for those singing. I freaking love her. She is such a special child. As she jumped around and sang along and even as she had to be reined back in over and over by her teacher's steadying hand, I was sitting there so proud I thought my heart would swell. I just plain adore that kid.

Then it was over and she couldn't wait to find us all and see how we liked her program. She knew she did good. :)

After snacks and chats with her teachers (they all LOVE BG), we headed home to let the girls play and hang out for a bit. And since the girls were rocking similar smocked dresses, we had to do a little photo shoot. These two girls in matching smocked dresses does something to my heart. I love them so.

After a while, the others left and while Mr. P got BG in bed, I looked through the videos and pictures from the night. I can't believe she's big enough to be in a Christmas program. Sigh...

Also, I sort of already can't wait for next years when she'll be old enough to sing!

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Oh my goodness she's the sweetest little Christmas angel ever! The video was priceless! That would have been me. Why sit sit when there's music to dance too!


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