Thursday, March 3, 2011

11 months.

I think I've handled every month of BG's life very well. They go way too fast, but each month is so fun to watch her learn and grow and become the awesome little person that she's becoming.

However, eleven months might do me in. I cried mixing a bottle this morning. One more month of formula. One more month of mixing bottles.

Gah. I'm crying again.

But this post is about her. So Baby Girl, this is what you've been up to this past month.

You are currently still wearing mainly 12 month clothes, some 18 month. You're wearing 18 month footed jammies. We got your foot measured the other day and you wear a four and a half wide. You have a chunky little foot! You weigh around 24 pounds and about 29.75 inches long(your height was not done correctly at the doctor's last month). You still sleep from 7:30-7:30/8. You take a nap from 10:00-11:30 and then again from about 2:00-4:00. You are an excellent sleeper. You take a bottle (8 oz) in the am and a 6 oz. bottle before bed. You get a sippy of formula with lunch and an afternoon snack.

  • You really, really like holding onto our hands and walking now. You like it so much that it's pretty much all you want to do. You do not like when we try to make you quit and carry you.

  • You threw your first fit in public and I almost died of embarrassment. You were walking around Stride Rite and when I picked you up, you lost it. I had to carry you out screaming. That was good times.

  • You are showing quite the stubborn streak. You clearly understand "no", but sometimes you choose not to listen. At least you turn and look at us, so I know you can hear us!

  • You cruise from a piece of furniture to another piece now. You still won't walk without holding on to something.

  • You shake your head "no" and say "no no" now. In fact, I asked you to come to me this afternoon and you looked at me and said "no no" and shook your head. So glad you can do that now.

  • You've been pointing at items for a while now, but now you'll try to label what you're looking at now. Last week while we were in MD, you pointed at a a flock of geese and said "du!". You're so smart little one!

  • Current word count: "mama", "dada", "du" (duck), "da" (dog), "ba" (ball), "no", and "book".

  • If we hold our hand out and ask you for what you're holding, you will give it to us. Then you want it right back. We can also ask for the "blankie", "wubbie", ball, book, and doll and you will get those for us. My smart little girl.

  • You can stand on your own for about ten seconds or so, but you won't move. You can easily sit down though. You only do it if you get excited and grab for something with both hands, or if we let you go.

  • This past month, you've started showing a fear of some things. You are freaked out by dogs (except for ours) until you get used to them. You do NOT like it when the come and get in your face (once again, except ours). You also are not a fan of many stuffed animals, but you adore your super scary baby doll. Weird. "Scary Bear" is avoided like the plague in our house.

  • You give "high five".

  • You still only have four teeth; top two center and bottom two center.

  • You learned that if we pick you up and you throw your arms up at the same time, it's really hard to pick you up. You love that trick. It usually leads to a fit since we pick you up anyway...

  • You get very little baby food now. You want we are having nine times out of ten.

  • We have yet to find a food you don't like. You LOVE bread, cheese, avacados, sweet potatoes, and bananas. You eat everything though.

  • You've started dancing and it is beyond adorable.

  • You started working on drinking out of a regular cup. You don't have it figured out yet, but you give it a good effort.

  • You and I went on your first picnic.

  • You are showing so much personality. You are stubborn and hard-headed (you can thank me for that), but you are also so, so sweet. You laugh so much and so hard most of the day. You still don't love reading, but you're getting to where you will sit and let me read a story to you every now and then. You are so adventurous. You want to see EVERYTHING. You are non stop all day and while it wears me out, I love how excited you are about everything. I hope you stay like that.

  • You learned to climb stairs.

  • You played in the sandbox for the first time this month. You hated it at first and didn't want to get your hands dirty, but now you are all over that thing.

  • I say this every single month, but love, you are so, so special to us. You make us laugh so much. Every single day when your Dad gets home from work, you light up and take off crawling for him. You love sitting with me and playing with toys. You love when I brush your hair. Every single morning when I wake you up, you start my day with a big smile and reach up for me and I can't help but laugh. You are still obsessed with phones and remotes and you light up when one of us is talking on the phone.

    I can't believe you are eleven months old. It makes me sad because you are quickly becoming a "big girl" and are no longer my baby. The cuddles are few and far between now. Sometimes I go into your room at night and pick you up and hold you. My heart nearly bursts every single time I look down at your face.

    Little one, thanks for being the biggest joy in our lives.


    Our Baby "D" said...

    Such a sweet girl! She has grown up so much, I just glanced at her 6 month photo on the side bar, and oh my! G turned 8 months this week and I felt the same "OMG no way he's this old"!

    And, the talking, and recognizing objects-amazing! She's sooo smart!

    Sassy said...

    She is such a cutie pie! How wonderful that you'll have this blog to look back on and all have these precious memories documented! I definitely want to keep up the blogging when the bambinos come along. It's like a daily photo journal. It's amazing how fast they grow up and turn into their own "little person." She already has a great vocabulary going! My friend's 18mo can only say "doggie" thus far.

    Kara said...

    Aw, she is just so pretty! Such a little lady. I have about talked myself into using toddler formula. LOL. Maybe. But actually, I am thinking of getting soy milk and whole milk and doing an ounce of that with her formula and add an ounce a week until she gets used to it. She still wants her bottle. Like really bad.

    Sarah said...

    She is so precious!!! They just grow up way too fast!

    Virginia Belle said...

    Such a sweet post, I loved reading it. She is such a cutie! I am so impressed by her vocabulary already. Looks like you have a smarty pants on your hands :)

    d.a.r. said...

    Gosh she is so adorable, but I have a feeling she is going to give mama some gray hair, haha!

    Sassy Engineer said...

    I just can't believe how big she is getting! She is sooooooooo adorable. I think she is going to break some hearts in her day.

    Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

    11 months?! so sweet! she is adorable! you are such a great mommy, she is so blessed to have you as her mama!

    Newlywed Next Door said...

    I love her! And I loved the cat cameo in the first video. :)

    Krista said...

    Awww, what a cutie! Seems like she has quite the personality already! : ) It is so fun reading your monthly updates since our girls are so close in age. Keep em coming!


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