Tuesday, March 8, 2011

maryland recap: part 3

*Last post I swear! Find Parts 1 & 2 here*

On Friday we decided to drive right down the road to Solomon's Island and check out the Calvert Marine Museum. The weather was ridiculous. It was pouring rain when we got there and finally chilled out after a bit but the wind was ridiculous.

The museum was pretty awesome. We stopped first of all to check out the stingrays. You couldn't touch them (what the heck? you can at Sea World), but BG was pretty entertained watching them swim around. Have I mentioned before how cool it is to watch your child see all of this for the first time??

We headed into a kid's Discovery Room and I let BG get down to explore (aka walk around holding my hands). She loved it.

She got to dig for fossils and even keep one,

she got to pet a turtle, which she promptly poked in the eye (nice),

and do a few puzzles upstairs in the big kid room.

Once the rain chilled out we headed outside to check things out out there. We took BG to see the otters and she LOVED them.

She laughed , she squealed, she jumped around. It was hilarious. She is such a trip!

Then we headed to check out the lighthouse.

But first we stopped to check out BG's favorites. I hope the fascination with ducks is short lived...

In front of the lighthouse. We were able to go up in it. Not an easy task climbing a ladder and steep lighthouse stairs with a squirmy ten month old but I did it. Go me.

BG and Uncle Marine up in the lighthouse. I think she was getting a talking to here about staying still. She was over being carried by this point and just wanted to get down!

The view from the window in the lighthouse.
One of the bedrooms.

My best girl and I at the very top of the lighthouse. I didn't want to look down and she was doing everything in her power to look all around. She's a stubborn little thing.

After the tour we headed back inside to look around a little bit more.

I love this picture. She is such a joy.

Checking out the aquarium.

We headed out for dinner after wards and then back home. Uncle Marine and I decided to head into D.C for the night, so my parents kept BG. Apparently they spent a while entertaining her by sticking things under the basement door.

Hey. Whatever works.

I didn't take a single picture of our night out, but we hit up a few local spots that Pam recommended. Thanks for that by the way!

The next day we headed into Annapolis for lunch (delicious) and then went to check out the Naval Academy. My parents and I had been there before but Uncle Marine never had so we took him to see the sights. Unfortunately it was ridiculous cold and most of the buildings were closed so we didn't get to see much. Guess we'll have to go back next time.

We spent the rest of Saturday night hanging out at the house and watching movies. I think we should do more of that next trip. I love that quiet time where I'm not running around like a crazy person.

And I can wear yoga pants.

We left bright and early Sunday morning and headed home. The ten hour drive felt a million hours long and I think all three of us were going a bit stir crazy. But we made it.

My view for 10 + hours. My brother really needs to clean his windshield.

We had a blast. I'm actually excited to head back up there again in the spring and take BG to see some stuff without the fear of frostbite.

**Oh and stop by Megan's blog and wish her a HUGE congrats on her big news! I'm so happy for my friend!**

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amy (metz) walker said...

Cute pics...and, I must say, you are looking fit, friend! Hawt mama!


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