Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life- Family

I used to hop on Kelly'sot SUYL series a lot, but haven't recently. Then I saw today's topic and had to hop back on.

You guys get to hear about Mr. Perfect and BG a ton every now and then, but you rarely get to hear about my family; the ones who made me who I am today. So today is a little intro into them and who they are.

Both of my parents are military. A lot of the times, one, sometimes both, parent(s) were gone. Whether it was a deployment, a work trip, or just their job. But the little brother and I were always priority number one.

My Dad worked full time. He was gone off and on a good bit thanks to his job. Other times he was a "single parent" when my Mom was off working. My Dad is my rock. He has worked ridiculous hard his entire life. He's my calming force. My Mom and I are a lot alike, including our bad tempers. My Dad is the calm one. I loved just sitting with my Dad talking about any and everything. My Dad is the one that when everyone else gave me a hard time about breaking up with the "perfect" guy in college, he came to me and said "I never liked that kid anyway". My Dad coached most of my sports teams growing up and learned quickly that to deal with girls, you had to let them gossip first. I remember looking over my shoulder during warm ups and seeing him kick around the soccer ball while he gave us time to chat about our day. He knew we wouldn't get anything done til we did. I'm very close to my Dad, he's one of my best pals. He makes me excited to see the relationship budding between Mr. P and BG because I know how special it can be. My Dad expected a lot out of us and even though I made some pretty disappointing choices, he never lost faith that I'd turn out okay. I am so, so proud of my Dad. For his accomplishments in the military, with his family, and in his home. He's amazing. He's also so, so funny and has the exact same dry sense of humor that I have. So many times my Dad and I will be cracking up laughing when no one else has a clue what we're laughing about. I get my love for good music from my Dad, the knowledge that you can make "Roxanne" (the Police) into almost anything ("Meg- ANN"), and my love of reading. My Dad rocks.

My Mom is also in the military (no wonder I went crazy in college..). She stayed home with us though while we were growing up and worked one weekend a month. She also had to go out of town occasionally for jobs as well as deployments. My Mom and I didn't always get along, but with a girl of my own, I'm starting to realize a lot of that is how much alike we were. I wasn't the easiest child (karma much??) My Mom has the biggest heart of anyone you'll meet. She loves so hard and wants to take care of everyone. She adores my brother and I and would do anything for us. My Mom is the person who packed up two days before Christmas and drove 21 hours to Missouri so that Mr. P and I wouldn't have to be along at Christmas after our second miscarriage. She's the type of lady that sends random notes and a little gift just to let you know she's thinking of you. She's the one that my girlfriends and I used to love to laugh with and share funny stories with on weekends home from college. No matter how big I get, she's still the one I want when I'm sick. I can only hope that someday, when I'm all grown up, BG will remember the little things about my big heart the way I do with my Mom.

My brother, Uncle Marine, is two years younger than me and is my closest pal (besides Mr. P duh). Not going to lie.. we didn't always get along so well growing up. We were really close when we were kids but then drifted apart through middle/high school. Fortunately, we became bff's again in college. We lived together, worked together, and partied together right after college. He is the most laid back guy you will ever meet. Kind of ironic he joined the Marine Corps. He is such a sweet soul. He is so genuine and so nice. He loves easy and hard (he's a lot like our Mom). He wears his heart on his sleeve (and he's going to kill me for this). If you're in with him, you're in for life. He's fiercely loyal. He's a blast. He has the exact same taste in music as me and we used to spend hours on the back porch, drinking beer, and playing the guitar and singing after work. He knows how to have a good time, but is also an extremely hard worker. I am so ridiculously proud of his for what he did in the Marines and for the young man he's become. I pray for the day that he meets a good girl (though I've yet to deem one worthy of him!) and starts a family. He will be so good at that.

I adore my family. They can make me crazier than anyone on this planet, but they're awesome. I am so proud that they are where I come from.


Shasta Anne said...

This is such a great post! I enjoy SUYL posts so much! Thank you for sharing your fam with us!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

This was such a sweet post :-) I loved getting to know you a little bit more by getting to know about your family!

Hayley said...

Love this post...looks like you are a lucky girl :-)

Newlywed Next Door said...

I meant to comment on your family post as well and never did since I looked @ it on my phone!

Your family seems amazing! Loved reading more about them :)


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