Tuesday, June 28, 2011

project 365: almost caught up!

WEEK 24:
Sunday, June 12th:

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Charlotte for this wedding reception. Since I have the best little sleeper, we had to wake her up early to get on the road. She was so ready to get in that car and nap!

Monday, June 13th:

Baby Girl wants ZERO help with eating these days. Unfortunately this new found independence makes for one big mess. Yogurt is good for the skin right?

Tuesday, June 14th:

Apparently I take a bunch of pictures of my kid eating. I can't help it; I can't get enough of that smile!

Wednesday, June 15th:

Pushing her toy lion around the room; which she is either terrified of or in love with. Depends on what side of the crib she woke up on....

Thursday, June 16th:

The little found one of her dresses hanging on the doorknob of her closet waiting to be put away. Apparently, she had bigger and better plans for it. She walked around like this laughing until I caught her and took it off. She is such a ham.

Friday, June 17th:

My aunt and uncle from Texas came went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago for Atlanta Fest (I think...). Since they weren't that far away, the took an afternoon to come hang out with us for a bit. They hadn't seen BG since Christmas. Clearly she's a bit different this visit.

Saturday, June 18th:

Afternoon snack with Daddy :)

Sunday, June 19th:

Me and my girl on Daddy's Day. :)

Monday, June 20th:

The bff came into town for the night so of course we headed out for Mexican.. Then rocked it old school with a little bit of "cruising" Vidalia college style and ended the night with movies and sangria. Man, I miss her.

Tuesday, June 21st:

Nice face huh?

Wednesday, June 22nd:

Another high chair pic... that's fun.

Thursday, June 23rd:

BG is starting to do less of the constant exploration/walking in circles and is interested in sitting down for a few minutes and playing again. It makes my heart big time to look down and see this.

Friday, June 24th:

A Chick-fil-a lunch date, just me and my girl.

Saturday, June 25th:

If you tell BG to "put 'em up!", this is what you get. She walks around like this laughing. Seriously, this kid cracks me up.

And yes, those are boxes still back there. I don't want to talk about it.

I'm caught up!!!


mrs. tabb said...

how cute! I'm a new follower =)
mrs tabb

First Grade Awesomeness
We Are The Tabbs

Kara said...

What boxes?! Hey she is just a little cutie! I think Sarah wants to feed herself, too. She starts flapping her arms to interfere with me using the spoon. It's either that, or she is done eating, I can't tell.

Lindsey said...

Look at that happy girl!! Her smile is too precious!

Rachel said...

Oh, she is just the CUTEST!!!

Heather said...

Great pics! She is adorable!

Mandy said...

Here personality is really starting to shine through these days!


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