Sunday, June 26, 2011

project 365: big time catch up

Is Project 365 not over yet?!?

I am bad, bad, bad at this. Let's catch up shall we.

WEEK 21:
Sunday, May 22nd:

Oh you know, just a little dress up.

Monday, May 23rd:
boo. boo. boo.

Tuesday, May 24th:

Mr. P and I had a bet going on American Idol. He lost. He doesn't look too upset does he?!?

Wednesday, May 25th:

Baby Girl is obsessed with water bottles. So when we bought this big 'ol case home, she thought she'd hit the jackpot! Silly kid.

Thursday, May 26th:

BG is just starting to become interested in dolls and stuffed animals and such. I pulled a bunch of her stuffed animals down for her to play with and she loves sitting in there and playing. This quiet time lasts a good five minutes...

Friday, May 27th:

Saturday, May 28th:
So we'll call this week a wash huh?

WEEK 22:

Sunday, May 29th:

My pool beauty enjoying Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 30th:

Before our family headed back home :(

Tuesday, May 31st:

BG now runs to the bath after dinner saying "bat! bat!". I mean if I looked that cute in the tub I'd be excited too.

Wednesday, June 1st:

It was so hot, but someone really wanted to go outside. Instead we sat at the door and checked out the weeds wildlife for a while. Til this girl got bored.

Thursday, June 2nd:

Giving me the stank eye over dinner.

Friday, June 3rd:

BG got all tangled up in her diaper bag and was furious about it. The harder she fought to get out, the madder she got, and the harder I laughed. She cracks me up!

Saturday, June 4th:

BG really took off walking right around this time. It's crazy to think she's so fast and really hasn't been walking that long. Love this child.

WEEK 23:
Sunday, June 5th:

These two? Melt me.

Monday, June 6th:

BG LOVES our dogs. Especially Lacy, or "Ya-ee" as she's more affectionately called. Every day when we get out of the car, she takes off to the gate yelling "doggie doggie!". A girl and her dog. Is anything cuter??

Tuesday, June 7th:

This girl does NOT want her teeth in pictures!!

Wednesday, June 8th:

Chasing her Daddy around the yard.

Thursday, June 9th:

Me and my girl and her "doggies" before bed.

Friday, June 10th:

Modeling one of my old rompers one day. It obviously doesn't quite fit...

Saturday, June 11th:

Hudson, Mac, and BG at Hudson's second birthday party. Clearly their moms don't like smocking at all! ;)

This is getting really long and I'm super tired, so let's throw out a little to be continued shall we?

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Heather said...

She is just the cutest little thing, but you really are a good photographer as well!


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