Thursday, October 13, 2011

18 months.

Well hello toddlerhood. How nice to meet you.

You love to play pretend. You've been playing with your dolls for months but lately it goes beyond that. You love your tea set. You pretend to pour tea and then drink from the cup. Then you go "mmm!" and make us "try" it. Sometimes you just drink from the tea pot ;). You also like to take the bowls and the fork and "mix" stuff up to eat. It's pretty funny when you lick the empty bowl clean!

You have gotten really good at your animal sounds (dog, cat, sheep, and sometimes cow).

The whining has definitely stepped up a notch this month. Super fun.

You can point out so many body parts; eyes, nose, mouth, hair, head, ears, tongue, teeth, arms, legs, fingers, toes, belly button, and tummy.

You still like to "clean up" and like to use your wipes to wipe stuff down.

You say (and sign) "pwease" and "thank you". You say "bess you" when someone sneezes. Dare I say you may have good manners?!

You love being outside. You run to the door a ton of times a day and holler "outdide!!".

You have a pretty serious "Elmo" obsession. You used to call him "Belmo" but you've got it right now. You should. You say it plenty of times a day!

Remember that separation anxiety we battled last month Baby Girl? Yea, it lasted a grand total of about two weeks and hasn't been seen since. You walk straight up to the sitters' house now and straight into the arms of the nursery workers at church. However, when we come to get you, you run full out for us yelling "Mama" or "Daddy" and throw your arms around us. It is absolutely the best thing to return to.

You love your sitters' little girl, Erica. You ask for her constantly. And when we drive up to the sitters' house, you start squealing "Erca!". It is ridiculous cute. And Erica is a huge fan of yours as well.

You hand us your plate or bowl when you're done eating and say "all done".

You know when things are empty now and let us know as well by saying "all gone".

Your dancing has stepped up a notch. You dance all the time. You wave your arms around if you're sitting down, but if you're up, your whole body is moving. You've also started twirling in circles.

You've learned to pull your pants down. That's fun.

There are little acorns and pine cones all over the driveway currently. Whenever we get home, you have to gather a handful them on the way in the door. You love your "acorns" which you say with the sweetest little accent.

You rarely want to be held anymore. You have to be so tired you can't see straight to sit down at all. And if you're that tired, you just go to bed because you are a monster at that point!

You say thank you, "pwease", "bwess you" when we sneeze and "amen" after prayers. These are some of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

You are still obsessed with belly buttons, but you've also become pretty interested in backs and dare I say it, butts. Mine at least. Anytime I sit down, you're pulling at my top to see my back and then you'll pull at my waistband and crack up. My little weirdo.

You talk to everyone. Everyone. Most of the time you start saying "bye bye" the minute you see them. Then you will keep saying it. Over and over and over. They better say it back or you just get louder and louder. And you pop an attitude. It becomes more "BYE BYE!!". They really should just talk to you..

At your eighteen month appointment, the doctor was VERY impressed with where you are developmentally. Of course, I think you're the smartest kid EVER, but I'm you Mama. One thing's for sure; you are a very smart, very independent little girl. I can't wait to see what you do in life.


Length: 32.25 inches

Weight: 30.8

Sleep: Going to bed around 7 and will sleep til about 8:30 am. Your naps are iffy at best these days. It's usually just one after lunch and can be anywhere from an hour and half to three hours.

Teeth: Still holding in at 12.

Clothes: Still can wear 18 month, mostly 24 month and some 2T. Your dresses are still 24 month in length.

Diapers: Still a 4 during the day and 5 at night.

Favorite foods: Bananas, toast, corn, avacados, sandwiches with mustard, yogurt, Goldfish

Words: "book", "ball", "doggie", "dat" (cat), "Dash" (Cash), "Yacy" (Lacy), "Ace" , "Mama", "Daddy", "Pop Pop" (my Dad), "phone", "hello" (herro), "doll", "bath", "bow", "shoe", "wawa" (water), "juice", "cup", "WubWub" (paci), "no no", "yesh" (yes), "milk", "block", "hot", "thank you", "gish" (Goldfish), "snack", "Nonny", "dress", "baby", "Teve" (Uncle Marine), "Mommy", "mote" (remote), "book", "spoon", "plate", "all done", "bubble", "bat" (hat), "seep" (sheep), "peez" (please) , "blankie", "nigh nigh" from before and new this month: toast, "nana" (banana), all gone, milk, amen, "bwess you" (bless you), bath, outside, Elmo (over and over and over), chair, down, go and so much more.

You are the light of our lives little one. No idea what we did with ourselves before you came around. We love you more than anything....

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Mandy said...

Such a big girl!!! Don't worry, the tantrums actually get less when they turn two...and pick up again around 2 1/2..but there is a break coming!

The Marconnets said...

Absolutely love reading your blog! For some reason though your pics have started not showing up. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is inspiring. I am not a mother yet but you are getting me geared up to handle what will be in my future at hopefully some point next year! :-)

Becca said...

Those cheeks and sweet chunky legs just kill me :-) Jayci was always so skinny, I'm just hoping Caden will have a few rolls on him because I LOVE them :-)

Jillian said...

She's adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 18 months to your little girl! I thought Morgan was the only one that seemed to like to pull my shirt down. Glad to know she is not the only kid.


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