Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the little things.

So based on my tweets as of late and this post right here, it's quite obvious the run for my money my kid is currently giving me.

Motherhood is overwhelming at times to say the least. But today; today I'm reminding myself how blessed I am just to be a Mom. Her Mommy.

I'm finding joy in the little things. In the fact that she likes tutus and dolls and jewelry.

... that she hugs you, hard, now. That she snuggles into your neck and squeezes.

... that she has a very similar laugh to me. It's loud and sort of obnoxious, but there's no ignoring it.

... that that laugh comes out a lot. That when she's around other kids, she just runs around at them laughing and they aren't quite sure what to make of it (Mama survived it sweetie and so will you).

... that her laugh is so loud and hard because she is so full of pure joy.

... that she's learned to twirl.

... that she dances in my backseat.

... that she covers her mouth when she giggles and man, that melts me.

Those are my puppy dog kisses on a rainy day. Those little things are why I hold out for the days of less whining.

Now I kind of want to go snuggle my child.

I won't though because I'm not stupid and I know you don't wake a sleeping bear baby.

And lest you think that judging by all these happy pictures I've shown you from yesterday afternoon I am lying about the tantrums...

..that's what I got from telling her it was time to go in. Little things Megan, focus on the little things

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Amy @ Forever 29 said...

Ah that little ponytail is too precious!

Hayley said...

That ponytail...bless!!!! Love this post!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Love this! After the night we had with our little monster....this post was a good reminder for me to remember all the GREAT things he does too!

Greer's Gossip said...

She is so precious!! It was great meeting ya'll on Sunday!! :)

Ashley said...

This was such a sweet post. She may has such a fun-loving personality that I know wears you out, but it is so precious and there will be no stopping that girl one day when she's dreaming big! : )

Jen Watts said...

Um, Carsyn is having a hissy fit as I type- hubby has taken over and I'm eating pizza and having a rolling rock. I'll take over shortly.. Well in the next hour anyway ;)

And your baby girl completely melts my heart!

The Transplant said...

Adorable!! :) Oh, the tantrums!!! But thank you for "gently" reminding me to enjoy ALL the moments, including those!!

Lindsay said...

She is too cute! and I loved this post!

Angie said...

She is adorable and I can see her personality through your words and her smile!

I love the picture of her standing at the door...too cute!

Anonymous said...

your little girl sounds very much like Morgan I guess because they are so close in age. Morgan hates to go in and will throw a fit most times. Glad to know we are not the only ones experiencing the little fits :)

Maria said...

Such sweet words! Don't we all need (constant) reminders of the little/big things?! And thank God for such precious gifts- even in the middle of the night. Chubby cheeks and pretty smiles make it all worth it :)

Lucy Marie said...

Sweet. You're right, it's a tough gig. Really tough. But those puppy dog kisses make it worth it. Thanks for a great post, Meg.


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