Sunday, October 30, 2011

project 365: week 43

Sunday, October 23rd:

Lately BG is obsessed with being "outdide". Seriously, we hear that word over and over millions of times a day. This day we were running around in jammies all day since we were all sort of under the weather but BG had other plans. So she picked some clothes out and "outdide" we went.

Monday, October 24th:

I got the proof's back for BG's school pictures. Yep, we'll be ordering these. That smirk? Slays me.

Tuesday, October 25th:

I pulled out a basket for BG to make a "crib" for her Dolly. She wants to take it to bed with her now and then it goes off in the middle of the night, freaking us all out. I thought this was a better option. Til BG decided she'd sleep in that "crib" with Dolly.

Wednesday, October 26th:

The view around our house this week.

Thursday, October 27th:

Friday, October 28th:

The little one wore her adorable Braylabee's creation to school on Friday. I thought long and hard about letting her wear it because I didn't want it messed up. But a cute outfit is supposed to be worn so she wore it. Of course she gave us quite the work out while getting her dressed...

Saturday, October 29th:

BG and I rode up to the pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon to look at the little "pumkins". She insisted on wearing her "pumkin" outfit again. Successful purchase.


Lindsay said...

I love the pic of y'all at the pumpkin patch. So cute! Her outfit is adorable!

Kara said...

Ella's birthday sister also loves to go outside. It is wearing me out! But, it's something to do! Ya'll have a great Halloween. Love her school picture! Oh, and your post about her clinging to you like a spider monkey-I totally relate.

Mandy said...

Her school picture? I die


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