Thursday, November 22, 2012

because i'm thankful.

I sort of can't believe it's already Thanksgiving. This year has gone by at warp speed. So much so, that Thanksgiving even managed to creep up on me. I cannot even believe it's tomorrow. Good thing I've had BG's outfit picked for weeks. Priorities ;)


This has been a bit of a rough few months but I still have so, so much to be thankful for and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if I didn't sit down for a few minutes and just give a bit of thanks. So what am I thankful for? well that's easy.

-For my husband, who takes a licking and keeps on ticking. For real. He is the perfect head of our household who takes his job seriously and leads his family by faith. He's a gem folks.

-For BG who is without a doubt, my favorite little girl on the planet. She makes me smile so much and love so hard I can hardly handle it. She is my miracle and I will never stop thanking God for her.

-For a God who provides. Always.

-For a roof over my head, food in the bellies of my family, and clothes on our back.

-For family. Both near and far, that go above and beyond to support my family and to love us.

-For jobs; in a crazy economy, we have work. That's huge.

-For my sweet niece and the opportunity to live a little closer and watch her grow up.

-For friends. I've got amazing friends and even if we don't live close, things don't miss a beat. They are the most supportive people on the planet and I couldn't be more thankful if I tried.

-For new friendships that make changes a little easier to handle.

-For this blog. For the friendships that this little space has brought me over the past four years. I adore you girls so, so much.

-And finally, for running which clears my head and for the body that is trying to let me keep at it. I'm thankful that I still have the ability to get out there even if it doesn't happen enough.

-Oh. And I'm thankful for chocolate and beer and wine. Just keeping it real people. There is little to nothing that is a better stress reliever.

Enjoy the day with your families. Soak it in. And try not to eat too much.

Oh heck. Eat it all. Calories don't count on holidays. Love.


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