Sunday, November 18, 2012

p 365: week 45 & 46

Sunday, November 4th: BG decided she needed to read her babies a story before nap time. So she picked out Field & Stream. She is her father's daughter.
Monday, November 5th: BG and I did our civic duty and voted.
Tuesday, November 6th: Civic duty x 3 = done!
Wednesday, November 7th: BG and I fixing her baby's arm. For the 100th time.
Thursday, November 8th: BG and her bff E involved in a full out bear hug. Those girls love each other so much.
Friday, November 9th: Wine and Skip-bo on a Friday night. Mr. P and I party animals I tell ya.
Saturday, November 10th: Playing around in Mr. P's uncle's old fire boots. She could hardly walk!

Sunday, November 11th: I cheated. This is from the 10th. But I just love this one of me and my girl and this is all I've got so.. that's that.
Monday, November 12th: Headed to check out potential new schools!
Tuesday, November 13th: Traffic at Chickfila. Typical.
Wednesday, November 14th: I'm so thankful that BG has the type of Dad who while trying to get out the door to get to work, still took the time to sit down with her when she asked him to for "just one minute". Love them so.
Thursday, November 15th: Making up a new game.
Friday, November 16th: My little babywearing hippie. I absolutely love this.
Saturday, November 17th: BG and sweet L at Target yesterday. So thankful we have friends to make even a routine Target trip an adventure!

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Erin said...

Such a fun week! such a sweet family :)


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