Friday, November 9, 2012

i must confess....

If you don't read the Friday Confessional posts from this lady each week, you are missing out. Every single Friday I look forward to this post of hers because she cracks me up. Seriously. I guess that's my first confession. I'm a Friday post stalker.


While I adore my child, a girl's night with drinks and lots of laughter is still where I am most "me". Those times give me such a boost. If I'm ever down and out, a girl's night can always do the trick. And get me right back on track.

I bought a Snickers the other day at the store and my child saw it(usually I hide that process). I told her we had to wait to get home to eat it. Then when we got home, I told her it had gone bad and that we would have to throw it away. As soon as she went to her room for nap time, I inhaled that sucker. It was as good as I thought it would be. And no, I don't regret not sharing it one little bit.

When old party buddies find me on Facebook, I get a little misty eyed when I see that they have families of their own now. I love it that we all made it to the other side and actually managed to grow up a bit. I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

The Brave movie I received for the review, is getting wrapped and put under the tree for a Christmas gift for the little. No shame. I call that super smart shopping. She'll never know Mommy already opened it.

(Speaking of the Brave movie, giveaway ends in a few hours! Go enter!)

I am so over election talk. Days later your Facebook should not still be posting meaningful posts about it. You're not changing anyone's mind. Move along.

I've worn the same pair of lounge pants for three days in a row. They are not even clean. I know this because BG's had a runny nose and I haven't been carrying around tissues. You do the math. My husband is a lucky, lucky guy.

I hate shaving my legs in the winter. That and the above? wow. I'm disgusting.

I shaved this morning. I said I hated it, not that I didn't do it.

Some of my closer blog peeps are some of my favorite people on the planet. They make me laugh hysterically which is pretty much my favorite thing to do in life. I have a list in my head of blog girls I want to hang out and drink with. It's a long list. That would be a kick ass party.

An old lady at the grocery store rammed her cart into mine three times because she was one of those. So I gave her the stank eye and blocked the frozen veggies until she had to go all the way down another aisle. Then I had to do the awkward "avert the eyes" when she ended up right behind me in the checkout line. Fun.

I then helped her put her groceries on the conveyor belt. I'm not all bad.

I bribe my child with Icees if she'll let me grocery shop in peace.

Sometimes my child takes showers with me in the morning. She plays while I wash and then I don't have to bathe her at night. This is a win all around folks. I get to take a long, hot shower while she lines up shampoo bottles at the other end. Don't knock the method; I get a shower every. single. day.
The Juice is Worth the Squeeze


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I laughed my ass off at the snickers one. That's so something I would do!!

Love all these! So glad you joined in the fun!

Sarah said...

I had B bring me a snickers today and I hid it in my nightstand drawer! Soul sisters! And I better be number 1 on your list :) xo

Lacy said...

This made me laugh..

I see no wrong in the shower thing. Just wish I had thought of it. Ha

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure we could be great real life friends!! I bribe G with icees at target all the time and I despise shaving in the winter, too! Oh, and I hide when I eat candy.

Erin said...

I wouldn't have shared the snickers either :)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Girl...Jude started showering with us long ago. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Except...our shower looks like a scene from the Jungle Book with all his animal figures in there. Oh do what you have to do.

P.S. I hope I made your list of blog friends that you'd want to hang out with.

P.S.S. How far away are you from Atlanta?

Kara said...

I am reallllly tired of sharing all my food.

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I used to shower with the big kids when they were little and it was the best thing. So easy.

I always tell the kids their father ate the last of the ice cream that I inhaled


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