Sunday, November 4, 2012

p:365 (another big 'ol catch-up)

WEEK 40:
Sunday, September 30th: A red sucker in church clothes might not be my best idea ever.
Monday, October 1st: This is what happens when BG dresses herself.
Tuesday, October 2nd: BG and her new buddy at their first park playdate.
Wednesday, October 3rd: Lunch date with my best pal.
Thursday, October 4th: Attempting bed time with the little and her new buddy, Arito.
Friday, October 5th: Loving on Granny and Grandaddy's cat.
Saturday, October 6th: A sushi date in Savannah with the bff.

WEEK 41:
Sunday, October 7th: Playing around at Papa's house in Savannah.
Monday, October 8th: Somebody wasn't feeling 100% and was all snuggly. Mama loves the snuggles.
Tuesday, October 9th: BG's OOTD.
Wednesday, October 10th: Headed to the fair.
Thursday, October 11th: Entertaining us with her antics while she was supposed to be doing her treatment. She is hilarious.
Friday, October 12th: My baby feeding her baby.
Saturday, October 13th: A little gift for Mama while on an afternoon wagon ride.

WEEK 42:
Sunday, October 14th: BG was playing "I'm a monster!".
Monday, October 15th: Taking a nature walk.
Tuesday, October 16th: At library story time, we ran into an old high school friend of Mr. P's and his little girl. Small town... I'm not used to running into people we know out and about!
Wednesday, October 17th: This makes my heart so happy.
Thursday, October 18th: L and BG on a pumpkin patch trip with their playgroup.
Friday, October 19th: Lazy, sunny afternoons with my girl are absolute perfection.
Saturday, October 20th: Checking out Daddy's stand.

WEEK 43:
Sunday, October 21st: Mr. P and BG "talking" to squirrels at the park.
Monday, October 22nd: Pumpkin painting.
Tuesday, October 23rd: Since BG is currently on nap strike, sometimes this happens in the afternoon. And it is glorious.
Wednesday, October 24th: L & BG at the park.
Thursday, October 25th: Sweet girl reading her Bible early one morning.
Friday, October 26th: Hard at work on BG's Halloween costume.
Saturday, October 27th: Hanging with Uncle Tim in Grandaddy's stand.

WEEK 44:
Sunday, October 28th: BG & I headed out to the woods for a bit with Daddy.
Monday, October 29th: BG loves that cat far more than he loves her...
Tuesday, October 30th: Our 2012 pumpkin!
Wednesday, October 31st: My sweet Princess :)
Thursday, November 1st: BG playing with all her "friends".
Friday, November 2nd: A little bit of "independent" (ie: I'm 2 inches away as opposed to 1) play.
Saturday, November 3rd: Helping Daddy rake the yard.


Elizabeth said...

I love these posts! I may have to try to do a "picture a day" goal next year. :)

mWm said...

look at my most recent pix of SG in the pink dress and you'll see that her brilliant mama gave her a sucker right before we were about to take pictures...and pictures have since been postponed!


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