Saturday, January 5, 2013

project 365: 2012 wrap-up

So I clearly quit posting my Project 365, but I did keep taking the pictures. So for grins and giggles, I'm posting them. Let's wrap up 2012 shall we?

WEEK 47:
Sunday, November 25th: Hanging out after church.
Monday, November 26th: A little Daddy/daughter tv time.
Tuesday, November 27th: She was doing a little morning entertaining before heading to school.
Wednesday, November 28th: Isn't this how everyone eats and watches tv?
Thursday, November 29th: Hanging out with her bud at the park.
Friday, November 30th: Reading to Dad while waiting on the Christmas program to start at church.
Saturday, December 1st: Playing with her best friend at the mall play place.

WEEK 48:
Sunday, December 2nd: Waiting on the Christmas parade in Anderson to start.
Monday, December 3rd: Sweet sleepy baby.
Tuesday, December 4th: Christmas clothes!!
Wednesday, December 5th: The rule about taking off one accessory before walking out the door is obsolete in this girls mind. She loves layers.
Thursday, December 6th: Love my girl so hard.
Friday, December 7th: Only picture of the day. TV time from the couch = bliss.
Saturday, December 8th: She loves animals. She couldn't get enough of the sheep at the Live Nativity.

WEEK 49:
Sunday, December 9th: Suckers in the tub is pure genius. Mess problem solved.
Monday, December 10th: Dinner shenanigans with the bff.
Tuesday, December 11th: Apparently I like pictures of sleeping babies...
Wednesday, December 12th: The elves brought a gift!
Thursday, December 13th: A super long, trying day means the little and I have a McDonalds picnic on the floor while watching a movie.
Friday, December 14th: Oh look, she sleeps.
Saturday, December 15th: The baby Jesus from the Nativity is supposed to be in the manger, but you can tell BG's been around when he's in "his Mama's arms". Sweet girl.

WEEK 50:
Sunday, December 16th: She is so cool.
Monday, December 17th: We hit the Christmas card jack pot this day! BG loved opening them all.
Tuesday, December 18th: My angel after her Christmas play.
Wednesday, December 19th: When did she get so grown?!
Thursday, December 20th: Reindeer cupcakes for BG's class.
Friday, December 21st: While waiting for the doctor to fix her arm, the little passed out cold on her Mama. While I miss the cuddles, I did not like her being in so much pain. :(
Saturday, December 22nd: Waiting in line to see Santa!

WEEK 51:
Sunday, December 23rd: My poor sick girl :(
Monday, December 24th: Heading back to the ER on Christmas Eve.
Tuesday, December 25th: The five minutes that BG felt well on Christmas she made sure to put on a show.
Wednesday, December 26th: Hanging out with her Daddy.
Thursday, December 27th: Road tripping to Maryland with my two favorite girls.
Friday, December 28th: BG running around in my boots.
Saturday, December 29th: Hanging out with my favorite niece.

WEEK 52:
Sunday, December 30th: BG loving all over the Neanderthal exhibit at the Natural History Museum in DC.
Monday, December 31st: The sister in law and I ringing in the New Year!!

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Mommy Mandy said...

She seriously gets cuter every single day!


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