Monday, January 18, 2010

28 weeks- 3rd trimester!!!!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? will find out tomorrow. Not looking forward to that number!

Maternity Clothes: All the time. Still the most comfortable is dresses and leggings. Oh and boots. Mr. Perfect asked my friend KP when she was pregnant why pregnant woman seemed to always wear boots (his observation). She told him they were the only things that would hide their cankles. And now I get it!

Sleep? This one still is not going so well. I am exhausted. It's getting pretty hard just to roll over and when I do, it gets me completely out of breath and wakes me up. Oh good times...

Best Moment of the Week? Hitting the 3rd trimester. Loves it!

Movement- all the time and she is everywhere! I don't understand how there can only be one baby in there with all the movement I'm feeling.

Food Craving- still loving me some sweets.

Food aversions- That insatiable hunger they talk about? I do not have it. I'm back to having to force myself to eat. It's getting ridiculous.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks still. Those are a true joy. I've found that switching positions very quickly will trigger them in a heartbeat.

Belly Button- top half is out, bottom half is still in but is oh so shallow.

What I miss- Being able to breathe is my big one. I can only breathe easily on my side and when I'm sitting straight up. I can't get comfortable EVER. This belly is really starting to get in the way of hugs and even little things like carrying stuff. I feel very large.

What I'm looking forward to- tomorrow! It's her 28 week ultrasound. I'm dying to see my baby girl again!

Weekly Wisdom- I'm getting to the point where I'm finding I can't do the things I used to very easily, so I need help. And that's ok. Ask for help. It's totally ok to admit you can't do everything. (I really need to take this advice!)

Milestones- we have hit the 3rd trimester people!!!


JMay said...

It's very interesting reading about your pregnancy journey, I will be following! :-)


In this wonderful life... said...

Yay for the 3rd trimester!! Seems like things are going good overall! You look presh!

MissJody said...

You look so radiant*** sweetness :)

I bet Mr. Perfect is all excited!!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

You look great!

Yours was one of the first pregnancy blogs I ever followed, and I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has seemed to go! :)

Hope you share some U/S pics with us!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I love that we are on the same exact schedule! I turn 28 weeks tomorrow. =)
I am jealous because you get a 28 week ultrasound. I don't get another one until well into 30 weeks...unless something is wrong. Are ya'll doing a 4D ultrasound?

Juliana said...

So exciting! miss those days. I know it is hard to sleep--but really sleep as much as you possibly can. You will need to stock up on sleep.

Brown Girl said...

Omg, you are the prettiest pregnant lady! Sweets are my thing as well, enjoy every minute!

Saskia said...

Dresses, leggings and boots are a staple of this non-pregnant lady too :)

Lovely lovely photo...

How was the ultrasound?

Saskia xx

Shaina said...

You look SO beautiful - as always!!!!


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