Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One In Which I Wax Poetic About the 2nd Trimester

After I barely survived the first trimester, I had high hopes for my second trimester. I had heard that you felt your best in those 3 months, that you weren't uncomfortable, and that you got your energy back. I couldn't wait for all that to happen.

I fully intended to blast those myths into oblivion, and probably still would have had I not waited until I was a few weeks into my 3rd trimester to write this.

I may only be 3 weeks into the 3rd trimester, but I desperately want the 2nd one back!

My second trimester brought about quite a few annoyances. Headaches started making their daily appearance, I struggled with my weight gain, I found myself getting a little more uncomfortable each day, and I found myself constantly stopped up with bloody noses at least once a day.

The end of the 2nd trimester brought about the "personal space" issue. Suddenly people think it's ok to just walk up and rub your belly or tell you you don't look like you're eating enough or say "are you really going to drink that?" when you order a big 'ol Dr. Pepper at lunch. I mean, seriously people. It baffles me what people think is ok to say to a pregnant person. And most of the advice givers did not even know me!

Oh sigh...

But the 2nd trimester was also the best time of my life for quite a few reasons. I felt my baby kick for the first time in week 18. Mr. Perfect got to feel her in week 19. Week 20 we found out we were having a precious girl. I never got my energy spurt (thank you anemia), but we managed to get a really good start on her room. And looking back? I wasn't very big nor was I anywhere near as uncomfortable as I've become just in the last week or so. Oh I miss my 2nd trimester.

So on to the third.... Wow. I'm in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I cannot believe it. Less than 3 months til she's here!! Now if only my poor back will stay intact until then....


Jennifer said...

You are looking beautiful pregnant! You definitely have that glow that everyone talks about. I can't wait til she comes and we can all see pictures! Happy 3rd Trimester!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

It looks like me and you are attending the same pity party today. I am also miserable in the 3rd trimester and wish I could have the 2nd trimester back. It also bothers me when people look at me funny when I order dessert before my meal...or a large, caffeine drink...and they have the nerve to ask me if I "should be doing that". What people don't understand (who aren't pregnant) is that we have the emotions and hormones of 1,000 crazy women pumping through us. They really should back off!
Hang in there.

In this wonderful life... said...

Hang in there lady!!! She will be here before you know it!!! :)

It baffles me too...some of the things people say!!

d.a.r. said...

AWWW it is getting close!!

Kassie said...

You are soo sweet. :)

Jill VT said...

At least when you're in the third trimester, everyone is sure you're pregnant and not just snogging donuts every meal.

Good luck; it sounds like things are going splendidly!

Annie said...

so exciting!!
the time is just flying by!

Jenni said...

Hi! I used to comment on your blog last year from hiboux en hiver, and I was SO EXCITED to return to the blogosphere and find out that you're so beautifully pregnant! YAY! Congratulations - I love hearing about how everything's going for you.


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