Sunday, January 24, 2010

29 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? I gained four pounds this month, so I'm up a total of 17 altogether. Honestly, I'm completely okay with that number.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. Still living in dresses and leggings most of the time. At home it's all yoga pants with maternity long sleeved tees.

Sleep? Yea right. I guess I'll sleep again when she turns 18. I toss and turn for hours. I wake up unable to breathe and I still have to go to the bathroom every few hours. If I were my husband, I would have killed me in my sleep by now. I am the worst bed partner ever!

Best Moment of the Week? We had her first shower on Saturday and got some amazing stuff! This afternoon I just sat in her room and played with stuff. This is getting real y'all and I can't wait!

Movement- All the time. She likes to stop though if people are trying to feel her. It's kind of funny. This weekend she kicked a ton for her uncle, but every time my mother in law tried to feel her, she quit. She's a mess... I also felt her have hiccups for the first time today. That feels so weird!

Food Craving- sweets off and on. Still kind of having to remind myself that I have to eat.

Food aversions- nothing makes me just sick, but nothing strikes my fancy enough that I just HAVE to have it.

Morning sickness?- none.

Gender- Baby Girl =)

Labor Signs- Braxton Hicks still. Those are a little annoying, especially when your stomach tightens up into this weird little ball when you're out doing something. Say like when you're walking through Ta-rget and all of sudden you're stomach becomes a rock. It's odd.

Belly Button- top half is out, bottom half is still in but is oh so shallow.

What I miss- I cannot get comfortable. I'm so tired so I want to sit down and chill out, but I can't sit comfortably. I can't sit still in church, I can't breathe, it's frustrating. I just miss being able to easily do stuff!

What I'm looking forward to- Just taking it day by day.. I really am loving it all.

Weekly Wisdom- This weekend, Mr. Perfect and I have been trying to figure out how exactly we want her birth to play out. I know our decisions are going to, let's just say, disappoint some family members. Well tough. My advice is to stick to your guns with what you and your hubs decides. You will never make everyone happy, so make the two (almost 3!) most important ones, happy. They'll get over it.. eventually.

Milestones- I survived the first shower!! Recap to follow.


The Browns said...

You look GREAT! Girl, get all the sleep you can b/c you will lack even more after the baby is born. ;)

Shaina said...

As always, you look gorgeous - so beautiful and glowy!

emily said...

Seriously, you are too cute! You look really great and I love the weekly updates!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

29 weeks?! wow! you look great! yay for the first shower, I love the "picture" of you sitting in her room playing with all her little things, soo sweet!

Megan said...

I want to hear more about your first shower!! You look cute as always! :-)

alanna said...

you look beautiful!! congratulations on having your first shower...any really good things you want to share?

Jennifer said...

Just a little tip - tell the nurses your plan so that they can turn away any one you don't want in the room at the door before they even get to you.

Lindsey said...

That is great wisdom for this week! And you look FABULOUS!

Kristin said...

Woop woop for showers. I had such an amazing time at mine!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

so adorable!! is time flying by or what?!

In this wonderful life... said...

you look awesome!!!! I love your updates :) I think Cohen likes to stop when people try to feel him as well! Hubby STILL hasn't really felt him :(

In this wonderful life... said...

PS - I agree totally with not having to care with what others think or want!


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