Monday, November 29, 2010

my little model?

**I just realized this was never posted. Oops. So for Scrapbook's sake, here it is**
A few weeks ago, AP came to me with an idea.

She had seen this "casting call" for children that was going to be held downtown and she was dying for me to take BG down there.

Now, I am not the mother that wants her child all dolled up in pageants and wearing makeup when she's three. If you are, that's fine. I'm just not. So I was not too keen on the idea when AP approached me with it.

But then I decided, what the hey, it might be fun and what else are we doing that day?

So we packed up BG and headed downtown to her first casting call!

After we filled out a small amount of paperwork, we sat around and waited. There were a ton of people there. And they had gone all out. AP and I felt very out of place as there were people with professional photos and makeup kits and such.

We just had BG, her rattle, and some puffs. Oh, and a snapshot of BG with drool on her shirt.


BG spent her time rolling around on the floor and making friends with the kiddos sitting around us. Apparently she doesn't know that models don't roll around in their good clothes.


After about 45 minutes of waiting, we were called back to "interview" with some lady. Basically we just chatted for a second and BG swatted her rattle at the lady. Quite funny.

Then it was over.

Since we were downtown anyway, AP and I decided to grab some frozen yogurt and let BG people watch for a bit.

My girl and I.

She is just the sweetest thing.

Then she was ready to go home. At least that's the vibe AP and I were getting from her actions..

And that was that.

Or so I thought. Til I got a call a few days later that she'd been picked.

But that's as far as we're taking it. It seemed to involve a bunch of stuff and I wasn't sure how legit it all seemed, so we're staying out of it.

But if Gerber comes knocking on my door, well, I'm not turning them away!

**I have not already quit Project 365, however, my computer appears to be on vacation so I can't access my pictures. Fun huh? Look for it later this week, or whenever the computer gets back.**


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Your daughter is so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I should be finding out in the next two weeks what I am having!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you and your writing crack me up! y'all are so cute!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

That's so exciting! It's no surprise she was picked - such a cutie! And I think that you're approach to the whole thing was great - just have fun!

Becca said...

Girl she is so so cute! :-) I'm not surprised they picked her!

Jillian said...

I mean, she is ADORABLE!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

I've always thought about doing this. Let me know if you find something online and we'll enter it together!


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